Not just a place to take fitness classes

TRV|FIT Fitness West Bloomfield has– understandably– become home to many in the community.

Not just a place to take fitness classes

TRV|FIT Fitness West Bloomfield has– understandably– become home to many in the community. 

TRV|FIT (pronounced “Tru Fit”) Fitness West Bloomfield is truly an above-the-norm fitness community and family. In fact, clients feel like the studio has become their second home since they are constantly surrounded by like-minded individuals who inspire each other every day to do better.

The owners and head coaches are Jess Carr and David Sherban. Carr’s passion for fitness stems from years as a competitive athlete, and after having her daughter in 2014, she found a renewed drive to get healthy and back in shape. Sherban is a former dancer and athlete turned Lululemon ambassador and media marketing director of TRV|FIT. 

Carr and Sherban agreed that their overall mission at TRV|FIT West Bloomfield is to always remain a studio for everyone, whatever their goal, and pride themselves on being a program, not just a place to take fitness classes. 

“We care about the people who walk through our doors, so we individualize the experience, even in a group fitness setting,” Sherban said.

Even when clients have certain limitations or complain about areas of pain, Sherban said the team is trained to meet them where they are at. They will work with clients to become more flexible and more mobile even after physical therapy has been completed. 

Also known as “functional training,” coaches focus on movement patterns to help improve coordination, balance and the body’s ability to work efficiently as a whole by training multiple muscle groups at the same time, preventing future injuries from occurring. 

“Not everyone knows a limitation in their ankle could become a larger issue in 30 years,” he explained. “If we can find the source of that limitation now, it’s better than when it’s too late. It shouldn’t be hurting and certainly doesn’t have to continue feeling that way.”

For example, on TRV|FIT West Bloomfield’s Instagram account, Sherban discusses that ankle pain could actually stem from having weak glutes. If the coaches determine this to be the case, they will show clients a variety of exercises that will assist in strengthening and stabilizing them.

The studio offers four group fitness class types that uniquely combine high intensity and strength training to burn fat, build lean muscle and give sustainable results. Through these 45-minute classes, clients get the most they can of out of training and on the road to results more quickly:

  • TRV|X (aka: the staple class and what you’ll see on the schedule the most): It covers anything from strength training to cardio and, most of the time, is a happy medium, focusing on muscular endurance. Attendees use everything from dumbbells to kettlebells to plyo boxes to rowers and assault bikes. 

  • Sweat (aka: HIIT or fat loss and toning class): It is about compound and complex movements to get the heart rate into that fat burning zone. The class is entirely time-based and definitely full of energy.

  • Riot (aka: a conditioning class built around boxing): You don’t need boxing experience for this class but rather just some hand wraps, gloves and a “ready-to-go attitude!”

  • Grit (aka: the new full body strength training program): You’ll work through a whole body push/pull workout, including compound barbell movements along with isolation and core programming. The class is broken down into circuits and supersets, keeping your heart rate elevated to get the best 45-minute calories/strength training sweat.

Although there are only four classes, Carr said that every class is different, every single day. In other words, no two workouts are the same, so that clients’ bodies keep guessing and can continue having fun at the same time.

“Clients like that they always get to challenge themselves, setting and reaching new goals every day,” Carr said. 

In addition to group classes, semi-private programs and personal training are also offered, which include custom nutrition, inbody scans and one-on-one coaching to meet clients where they are. For an additional price, coaches can even go to clients’ homes or can offer remote programming/traveling workouts for clients if they’re unable to come into the studio.

Carr and Sherban thrive on staying cutting edge, providing their TRV|FIT Fitness West Bloomfield family with all the tools and resources they need for their “TruSuccess,” including that of post-workout nutrition and physical/mental recovery, which can be viewed on their regularly-updated Facebook page, as well as their Instagram account. 

TRV|FIT Fitness West Bloomfield is a membership-based studio with unlimited, VIP and class pack options; however, they do offer individual class pricing, as well. It is located at 7355 Orchard Lake Rd. 

For more information, call (248)-757-2044 or visit The first class is free!

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