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Not Your Kid's Hot Dog

Deliciously Creative Ways to Upgrade Your Hot Dog

Summer is the time for outdoor cooking and grilling. Executive Chef Kendall James with Temple Hills Country Club shares three different takes on a regular hot dog to 'upgrade' your next summer cookout. So grab a local brew and invite your friends over! 

*The Nashville Hot Frito-Pie Beef Dog

-All-beef hotdog deep fried & tossed in Nashville hot seasoning

-Topped with Frito chips, chili, white, queso, sour cream, red onion, diced tomatoes and jalapenos

-Paired with a local East Nashville Brew works Miro miel Honey blonde ale

*Creole Alligator Roll

-Blended alligator and beef smoked sausage

-Topped with a tasso & lobster white bean chili, peppers & onions and smoked cheddar cheese

-Paired with a local Yazoo Calla IPA

* Southwestern Buffalo Chicken Pickler Brat

-Green chili & chicken buffalo brat

-topped with jalapeno pimento cheese, fried onions & peppers, pickled red onions, warm queso, cotija cheese and candied cherry wood bacon

-Paired with a local Tailgate brewing company lime lager