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From Large-Scale Events To Charming Retail Displays, McCaffrey's Floral In New Hope Doesn't Disappoint

Entering McCaffrey's Food Markets of New Hope, one can't help but notice its charming floral section off to the right, but it's clear this is no typical floral department. From a variety of fresh flowers and outdoor gardening supplies to an engaging retail display of candles, soaps, and even stuffed animals, captivating colors and fresh blooms abound. This hidden store gem can uplift one’s mood even on the dreariest of days.

While bouquets of all varieties are plentiful, a closer look reveals "[this shop] is much more than buying bouquets," says floral manager Gary Scibelli, who has worked in the department since McCaffrey's of New Hope -- the fifth for the grocery chain in Pennsylvania and seventh location overall -- first opened its doors on Jan. 9, 2020. This McCaffrey's team does it all, from holiday gift baskets to large-scale floral arrangements for events of all kinds.

"It's just a different kind of atmosphere," says Gary, noting that the shop's busy season occurs from October through May, when major holidays fill calendars.

Neighbors have noticed the shop's diversity of floral offerings. Local high schools, Council Rock, Central Bucks East, and New Hope-Solebury, have sought the store's designs for prom; so have local bed and breakfasts, funeral homes, and the River House at Odette's, New Hope's well-known riverfront restaurant reimagined into a luxury hotel and dining experience.

McCaffrey's Floral is located inside McCaffrey's New Hope at 300 W. Bridge Street in the New Hope Shopping Center.


Gary says the shop prides itself on its variety of fresh, seasonal flowers, from the more commonplace -- roses, tulips, sunflowers and greenery -- to the more unique options of palms, bakerferns, peonies and honey bracelets.


The floral department features high-quality, handcrafted work at lower prices than generally found at other local florists, the department manager explains.


"We really excel at custom work," says Gary, whose catering background contributes to the personalized experience customers receive. Events, such as weddings, bridal showers, and proms, are where the shop really shines. Gary even encourages customers to bring inspirational photos.


While McCaffrey's offers a wide selection of grab-and-go bouquets, the shop's ability to, as the store's website points out, "think out of the vase" makes them different: Think planters, balloon bouquets, gift baskets, prom corsages and holiday decor.


McCaffrey's reliable and creative floral customer service stands out. "We give every customer prime service," Gary says. "It's a more personal experience."

fresh, local, seasonal

McCaffrey's floral gets new shipments of seasonal and year-round fresh flowers daily -- both imported and delivered from local growers.

convenient setting

The shop's convenient in-store location offers the opportunity to cater to customers' floral needs while they shop for groceries, even including custom designed arrangements to complement special events. 

Guidance For Those With Less Green Thumb:  These floral department pros even give gardening novices several tips to keep flowers healthy and thriving.

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