Home Automation Saves Energy, Adds Value and Improves Lifestyle

The Trend in Home Automation Continues Upward at a Rapid Clip. Now’s the Time to Embrace It.

I’ve helped families across Chicago adopt home automation since 2003. Here are the top four reasons why more families are adopting home automation: lifestyle, entertainment, security & safety and adding value.

Easier Lifestyle

If convenience and efficiency are your goal, home automation helps tremendously by making it easy to manage a thermostat, raise or lower blinds to save energy, turn sprinkler systems on & off and adjust lighting with voice commands. Imagine coming home with the lights on, thermostat adjusted, blinds raised and your favorite music playing as you walk in the door. Today any family can live a “Jetsons lifestyle.”

Enhanced Entertainment

Managing a complete home entertainment system is easier than ever. It's all thanks to Control4, the industry leading professional home entertainment and automation solution. Customers tell us they appreciate the sleek new handheld controller from Control4. With a single tap, you have access to music, security, TV, AND closing the shades and dimming the lights.

Improved Security

Peace of mind includes knowing your loved ones and home are secure. Home automation systems integrate all the tools needed to give you at-a-glance assurance that everything is safe. Wondering if the garage is closed? Was a package delivered? Did the kids get home from school? Sump pump working? Answers to these questions and more is available now with intelligent locks, cameras, and sensors that monitor your home and are accessible via mobile phone apps.

Added Value

Home automation is a smart investment whether for Millennials in a first home or an empty nester remodeling after the kids move. If you’re about to build a new home remember that hiring a home automation contractor will set the foundation for a system that you’ll enjoy for years to come. Consumer Reports also says smart home features boost a home's resale value by up to 5% – that’s $25,000 on a home valued at $500,000.

About the Author: Erick Olech is the owner of ECO Automated Designs. Learn more at EcoAutomatedDesigns.com and schedule a free consultation at 847-475-4442.

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