Go For More in 2024!

Embrace a Healthier Lifestyle in the New Year

Have you already made and broken your New Year’s resolutions?  What if there was an easier way to accomplish resolutions we set for our health?

Go for more rest!

Go for more water!

Go for more activity!

Go for more fruits and veggies

Go for more fresh, beyond-organic produce

“Great!”, you think.  These words are easy to write or say out loud, but much harder to do.  What’s stopping you? Time, money, ability? 

Good health starts with good habits, like eating wholesome foods. Consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables is critically important to your health. And there’s nothing fresher than fruits and veggies you grow yourself! 

You might be saying to yourself,  “Here is one more thing that is too hard to achieve.  I don’t have space or ideal outdoor growing conditions for a traditional garden.  I’m in an apartment.  I live where it snows six months.”.   

For those facing challenges like limited outdoor space in apartments or prolonged snowy conditions, traditional gardening may seem impractical. Consider alternative approaches like container gardening or exploring local produce options.  For those seeking innovative options, products like Juice Plus+ and the Tower Garden offer convenient alternatives. Juice Plus+ is raw plant powders that bridge the gap between what we eat and what our body actually needs.  The Tower Garden offers a space-efficient way to grow fresh produce at home, using water, nutrients and air.

Ultimately, the key is to find sustainable and feasible ways to incorporate these habits into your lifestyle. Rather than focusing on specific products or systems, put more emphasis on making informed choices that align with your circumstances and preferences. By adopting a holistic and realistic approach to health, you can make meaningful strides towards a healthier and more balanced life in the coming year.  Go For More In 2024!

Brenda Dixon, an Atlanta native, spent 20 years as a computer consultant before discovering Juice Plus+. This wellness revelation sparked transformative health choices, prompting her to bid farewell to the tech world. Now, Brenda passionately pursues what she considers to be her mission -- dedicating herself to guiding others towards healthier lives with genuine enthusiasm and unwavering commitment.

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