Be Healthy & Happy in 2024

Dr. Lo Shares Insights About Healthy Living

The Advanced Chiropractic and Nutritional Healing Center emerges as a pioneer seamlessly merging complementary and alternative practices. Driven by a commitment to transformative healthcare, Dr. Lo places paramount importance on nutrition, enabling the body’s natural healing processes. His philosophy transcends merely addressing symptoms, viewing them instead as signals unveiling underlying health issues. Known around town as the guy that never stops playing Pickleball due to his commitment and passion for the sport, Dr. Lo generously shares some of his wellness insights that keep him and his patients healthy and happy.

Dr. Lo stays healthy and active at age 72 years, by regimenting his recovery with swimming and stretching at the YMCA after the Pickleball matches, seeing a chiropractor and personal trainer and leaning on whole food supplements and an anti-inflammatory diet for healing his body.

He also advocates steering clear of detrimental ingredients such as refined soybean oil, as it constitutes for almost 10% of Americans’ calorie intake and has the potential for glyphosate contamination (a.k.a. Roundup). Alongside, he avoids fructose corn syrup, a catalyst for numerous health issues, singled out for its contributions to heart disease, obesity, cancer and dementia. It’s a funky world out there. Avoiding preservatives and food dyes can help reduce chemicals in the body, as the average American eats about 2.5 pounds of these chemicals per year.

Maintaining a state of well-being in today’s fast-paced world may require effort, but Dr. Lo is here to help with more than your chiropractic needs, offering Nutritional Response Testing, allergy screenings and detox programs. Advanced Chiropractic and Nutritional Healing is a complete Wellness Center and inspires us to embark on our journey toward better health. DoctorLo.com

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