Nutritional Guidance for Pets

Magoo’s Pet Outlet in Commerce can offer customers “a next level of nutritional guidance” for a variety of animals.

Magoo’s Pet Outlet is a discount pet supply store with a location nearby in Commerce. The shop offers a full range of assorted products from dog and cat foods, dog and cat supplies, small animals and accessories, reptiles and accessories, tropical fish supplies and more. Jason Corbett, owner and operator of both the Commerce and Utica locations, said Magoo’s is also known for offering customers “a next level of nutritional guidance.” 

Jason, what types of pets can Magoo's offer nutritional guidance for?

We offer pet nutrition for all types of pets including dogs, cats, small animals (rats, guinea pigs, chinchillas, etc.), reptiles, wildlife, fish and more.

If someone comes into Magoo's asking about pet nutrition, how do your employees go about helping them?

First, we assess the situation: we need to know the age, weight, breed and species of the pet in question. Then, we can point a pet owner in the right direction. We need to understand that pets have evolved when it comes to allergies. We can help figure out what that allergy is and provide proper nutrition recommendations for all sorts of pets!

Why do you feel the staff members at Magoo's are a good resource for nutritional guidance?

Our associates go through online training before they hit the ground running. Also, with guidance of tenured employees, we feel we can offer a next level of nutritional guidance.    

What advice concerning pet nutrition do you give the most?

I feel the most common problem lately is allergy concerns. If a dog is itching constantly, vomiting after meals and/or not excited about meals, then, many times, that can be a reaction to an allergy. We can diagnose the allergy by process of elimination, and, with the help of holistic remedies (like CBD oil), we have taken dogs off conventional medicine that can do long-term damage to a pet’s liver or kidneys.  

Jason, what's your personal background concerning pets/pet nutrition?

I have gone through accredited courses online for dog and cat nutrition and am certified. I also read studies daily from holistic and new age-vets that have a new way of thinking when it comes to nutrition and medicine.  

How did you end up owning two pet supply stores?

I worked for the nation's largest retailer as a senior manager for close to 20 years. This gave me the knowledge to be able to execute this on my own at a much lower scale. My true passion, though, has always been dogs. As the son of a police K-9 handler, I grew up with multiple dogs in the home at all times. The most rewarding aspect of being in the store is offering solutions and getting phenomenal results. The gracious “thank you” from the pet parents is the most rewarding experience.  

For more information on Magoo’s, visit commerce.magoospet.com, call (248)-779-7790 or stop in at 3050 Union Lake Road in Commerce.

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