Ode to Cuba

Approachably Addicting, Cuba Cuba Café Serves Up Cuban Comfort Food that Hugs You Back

“This is an invitation to experience traditional Cuban comfort food in all its sumptuous vibrance.”

You’ve arrived, hungry reveler, led by the notes of garlic and citrus that loiter so deliberately in the air. Drawn by your senses, you languidly survey the scene, seeking the heart of the delicious mystique that swirls around you. You discover no sole source but a heady composite of smells, sights and sounds that convince you this is where you should be. This is an invitation to experience traditional Cuban comfort food in all its sumptuous vibrancy. This is Cuba Cuba Café, Castle Rock’s newest hot spot and owner Kristy Soraccas Bigelow’s permanent promise to her ancestry. 

Unlocking the doors to a throng of thrilled residents on Memorial Day 2019 marked Kristy’s eighth opening of a Cuban eatery. This Miami native is no stranger to business but a slave to her love of the full-service Cuban food experience. 

Supported by the staples of black beans, white rice and plantains, traditional Cuban food rises from Spanish, African, Caribbean and aboriginal Taíno influences, with soothing yet uniquely intriguing flavors that transcend the ordinary when combined. The dynamic concept of taste is vital to Kristy, who recommends that new guests experience the sauces and sides that make magic with their chosen dish and then ferries those flavors to the table for that very event. Employees devotedly follow suit. 

The entire staff are intensively instructed on all things related to the passionate Cuban food tradition and duly comprehend the importance of this knowledge in preparing and serving the food that has so memorably marked the life of their spirited lady boss. Respect breeds here. 

Very proud to be Cuban, Kristy would like to believe that she’s done well by her family in keeping her culture alive. When visiting Cubans enter her restaurant and shed tears over its stunning authenticity, she knows she has. 

Cuba Cuba Café's Signature Drink 

The House Piña Colada

Cuban eateries are customarily centered around the Mojito bar, but Castle Rock residents have overwhelmingly adopted the restaurant’s House Piña Colada as their mainstay. 


+ 2 ounces pineapple juice 

+ 1 ounce Coco Lopez cream of coconut

+ 1 1/2 ounces coconut rum

+ 1 ounce dark rum

+ Ice


1. Shake pineapple juice, cream of coconut, coconut rum and ice in a shaker.

2. Pour into glass and top with a dark rum floater. 

3. Salud!

Cuba Cuba Café Flavor Favorites 

1. Piccadillo al Caballo

2. Anything with Plantains

3. Camarones al Coco

Salsa Sundays: Live Cuban Music 4-7 p.m.

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