Officer Ashley Beard

A Local Hero Making a Difference in Smyrna

In every community, there are unsung heroes whose acts of kindness and dedication go unnoticed, but leave an indelible mark on the hearts of those they touch. In Smyrna, one such hero stands out—Officer Ashley Beard, a member of the Smyrna Police Department since August 2021. Officer Beard's commitment to her community and her remarkable acts of kindness have earned her the title of a local hero.

The story of Officer Beard's heroic deed first came to light a few months ago when she was patrolling near Rose Garden Park. She noticed a group of teenagers playing basketball, and her keen eye caught the attention of one young boy whose sneakers were in deplorable condition. Instead of turning a blind eye, Officer Beard decided to take action. Despite being on duty and unable to leave, she offered to purchase a new pair of sneakers for the teenager.  Later, one of her co-workers witnessed her act of kindness while shopping at Dick's Sporting Goods and shared it with the community. This good deed was not done for recognition or glory; it was simply an extension of her good-natured and caring personality. She doesn't just wear the badge; she lives up to the values it represents.

Officer Beard's dedication to serving the community goes beyond this heartwarming incident. She actively participates in the Smyrna Police Department's outreach events and is working towards becoming a Community Outreach Officer. Her goal is to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community, fostering trust and understanding.

In addition to her notable actions, Officer Beard's kindness extends beyond her official duties. During an incident in late September involving a business dispute, she discovered a despondent mother and her son, stranded in Georgia, far from their home in New York. Despite her busy day, Officer Beard provided them with a home-cooked pasta lunch and snacks. Her empathy inspired her trainee and others to join in providing assistance, from drinks to arranging transportation. Her compassion created a chain reaction of generosity among those present, demonstrating the power of a single act of kindness to inspire others.

Officer Beard's journey in Smyrna hasn't been without its challenges. She had limited driving experience when she arrived from New York, making the multifaceted demands of patrolling a new city a formidable task. However, she persevered and embraced the challenges, demonstrating her determination and adaptability.

The community's response to Officer Beard's actions has been overwhelmingly positive. Her acts of kindness have not only improved morale within the department but have also strengthened the bond between law enforcement and the community they serve.

As we celebrate local heroes like Officer Ashley Beard, we must remember that a simple thank you, a smile, or a handshake can make their day even better. The Smyrna Police Department offers numerous community engagement programs, allowing residents to interact with the dedicated men and women who serve and protect their city.

The Smyrna Police Department is deeply committed to its community. These officers go beyond their duty schedules to make a difference, whether it's by shopping for children, playing basketball, or offering a helping hand. Officer Beard's story reminds us that heroes are not always found in capes but often in the hearts of those who genuinely care for their community.

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