Oh Glow Up!

Meet the artists behind the first phase of Smyrna’s ARTery!

Elaine Stephenson: Atlanta Road & Campbell Road SE

“I love being part of communities and sharing my art through public projects. The goal of my art is also to beautify communities, turning blank spaces or walls into opportunities for beautiful and uplifting artwork, which makes places more enjoyable to live in.”

don’t miss the details!

“We are both unapologetic fans of “easter eggs” and this box has several!  We wanted it to be satisfying to drive by but rewarding to walk up to and engage with.  Another cool detail is that this is Justin’s fourth public art piece in metro Atlanta to feature his fox character.”

Leafmore Studios: Atlanta Road & Church Street SE

“This box design is hyper-local!  It features 34 photographs Becca has taken in Smyrna, with an illustrative assist by Justin.  We wanted to take things that have charmed us about Smyrna and present them in a way that encourages visitors and residents alike to see something new or inspiring about the city.”

Shea O’Connor: Atlanta Road & Fleming Street SE

“I wanted to create a vibrant, colorful and cheerful piece that all walks of life could enjoy. I also aimed to make sure that every side of the box had visual interest, so that no matter where you're viewing it from, there's something fun for all.”

 joy begets joy!

“While I was installing this piece, people were so kind and complimentary, saying words of encouragement from their cars and the sidewalk. It genuinely felt like people appreciated the energy and time I was pouring into this project, which makes me so excited for the Smyrna art scene.”

Wendy Meyer: Atlanta Road & Powder Springs Street SE

“My recent work explores the intersection of art, technology, and nature. The images featured on my utility box are digital mixed media compositions created from original photographic images captured locally, then painted and manipulated digitally.”

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