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Suit Up and Transform Your Body

Strength training for women continues to be an important topic in the health and fitness world. Developing strength can increase bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis as we age. The Hospital for Special Surgery website states, “Strength training builds better bones, keeps joints in proper alignment, helps improve sports performance, and reduces the risk of injury.”  

Both women and men who want to build strength and maintain muscle mass have a new workout option. At OHM Fitness in Park Ridge, it involves wearing your “EMPower suit.”

This innovative new fitness brand combines science with movement, slashing workout times and increasing the speed of results.

The magic is in the suit. Each class member wears a hi-tech EMPower suit, which uses Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology to engage every major muscle group while simple, low-impact movements are performed. Each workout is just 25 minutes from warm-up to cool down, yet provides the benefits of a 2 ½ hour high-intensity training session. This groundbreaking workout is recommended three times a week for maximum effects; however, you will benefit from as little as one class per week. Women and men ranging in age from their 20s through 60s and beyond workout side-by-side with exercises demonstrated on a video screen and a qualified coach who is able to customize the suit settings and the experience for each participant.

EMS workouts are suitable for any fitness level. They help build lean muscle mass, improve strength and flexibility, increase endurance, burn excess fat, and tone and tighten while being gentle to joints and ligaments.

Depending upon the monthly plan selected, members can also access OHM Fitness’ Styku body scan system and Red Light Therapy rooms.

The Styku system offers a 3D body scan that takes less than a minute and has 99% measurement reliability. Marisa Verna, certified personal trainer and OHM Fitness manager, says, “The Styku system provides real-time imaging of the body, points out trouble areas, measures BMR, body composition readings, and calculates circumference measurements of the entire body from the neck down. Because the information it provides is so accurate, it can help you calculate the timeframe of your weight loss goals and understand the number of calories you need to consume daily. It even gives you 3D before and after visualizations!”

Red Light Therapy is a technology that uses low-wavelength red light during ten-minute sessions to improve the skin’s appearance, reducing wrinkles, scars, redness, and acne. “It also supports collagen production, joint health, and blood circulation,” Marisa says.  

Owners John and Janet Mok have held and managed several businesses throughout their entrepreneurial careers; however, this one may be a game-changer.

“EMS technology is revolutionary,” says John. “Our suits are the only wireless suits available for group workouts. All workouts are low impact, and members will see results three times faster than with traditional workouts. It’s the first of its kind in New Jersey.”

Member Eric Garcia, a seasoned elite athlete, wholeheartedly agrees. “It’s the first time in 30 years of working out where I have no joint pain at all. The suit does work. As you do the workout, you can let the coaches know how you want the levels in the suit to be adjusted. You can add stronger current to some areas of your body, and lessen it in others, if you wish. It exhausts your muscles without joint pain. Anyone can come here—regardless of their physical shape—and participate alongside a competitive athlete. If you come to try it once—you’ll be hooked!”

Janet Mok adds, “We have an assortment of lightweight dumbbells you can use, but they are optional. The suit rapidly contracts the muscles faster than your body can under normal circumstances. You’ll get results in a fraction of the time of a regular workout. Also, we invite anyone to come in and try it free for a week!”

“We are happy to be able to open in Park Ridge,” says John. “It’s the right demographic, and the demand is here, but it also has a small-town feel, which we really enjoy. We like being a part of this community.”

Consider giving mom the gift of fitness this year for Mother’s Day. OHM Fitness offers several different membership levels. An effective strength and cardio program will outlast any brunch or flower arrangement and help provide important health benefits for many years to come. P.S. Father’s Day is right around the corner, too!

"EMS technology is revolutionary...It's the first of its kind in New Jersey."

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