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Lessons from Little League, Courtesy of TV Personality Teresa Strasser

With Spring Training, we're once again graced with the magic of America's Favorite Pastime. Baseball is both dramatic and poetic, and the experience on the sidelines is equally powerful... even when the players are kids.

“This is a memoir about one season of Little League baseball that I watched my oldest son play with my dad after my brother died of cancer at age 47,” says Arizona author and TV personality Teresa Strasser of her book, “Making it Home: Life Lessons from a Season of Little League.”

In this deeply personal story, Teresa chronicles- with heart and humor- how she and her dad Nelson “turned the bleachers into our own personal grief group of two.”

Through the course of the season and her book, dad emerges as a hero, able to manage both grief and joy. While many say grief is a process of several stages, Teresa says for them it was three: the draft, the regular season, and the post season.

Teresa is in talks to adapt “Making It Home” into a TV series, and if she could draft the actors to portray the father-daughter duo, it would be Natalie Portman and Henry Winkler.

Published by Berkley, “Making It Home” was named to USA Today’s “Best Books 2023.” You can watch Teresa Strasser weekends on “Northern Arizona Daily Mix” on CW7.

Olivia Fierro is an EMMY award winning journalist and podcast host. She has been sharing her passion for reading with Arizona since the 2019 launch of Olivia's Book Club.