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Accent wall to enhance any room.

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Warming Up

Tri Pointe Homes shows us the home design trends for 2024.

Warm Tones

In a reversal of the recent trend toward cooler shades of white and gray, warmer tones are now coming back to take center stage. Warm woods and light warm paint colors combine to complement each other and create a soft and cozy vibe for your home.

Mixed Metals

If you’re brave enough to commit to a mismatched look, mixed metals are a great way to create an elevated, custom feel for your home. Mix matte black plumbing fixtures with champagne honey bronze vanity lights for a stand-out effect. Rule: use no more than two finishes of mixed metals in any given room.

Contrasting Wood

Create an appealing distinction in your home by combining light and dark woods, blending stains, or pulling together different wood stain colors. The light and dark can effectively complement each other.

Splashes of Color

With a warm color palette as your background, add splashes of color with design elements like throw pillows, draperies, accent pieces, or even an accent wall.  After coming out of an era dominated by gray, color is king again!

  • A living room that has both color and coziness.
  • Accent wall to enhance any room.
  • A sleek kitchen that is both modern and inviting.
  • Warm and natural tones for a cozy dining space.
  • This bedroom brings together color, texture, and an accent wall.