On the Docket - Investing in Community and Oneself

David Moore provides insight for making impactful community investments, while upholding the principles of servant leadership and a balanced life.

“You will know them by their fruits.” A scripture found in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 7, verse 16, characterizes the healthy lifestyle and philanthropy of David Moore. Friends and colleagues in the medical, mental health, legal, faith, and fitness industries, who have known David for decades, can attest to the consistency he demonstrates in “walking the walk”. A native Atlantan, David is committed to modeling healthy living and being an example of what it looks like to make meaningful investments in community.

It takes stamina to keep up with David Moore. He landed his first job when he was nine years old selling fruits and vegetables off a truck from the local farmers market, and he has not stopped since. David is one of eleven, and to distinguish between the five Davids in his family, he is known by friends and family as DR, the abbreviation of his first two names, David Ray. DR acquired his first Bible on layaway at age 12, and fast forward to adulthood, he and his wife Pam have been married for 23 years. They have seven children, sixteen grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

Raised in the inner-city projects of Atlanta, DR rose to become the most decorated police officer in the Atlanta Police Department, receiving Officer of the Year, Employee of the Year (for multiple departments), and the Mayoral Award. After retiring from law enforcement, he became a successful lawyer in Atlanta and has managed his own firm for decades. 

Today, David is a judge who works in the Magistrate Court, State Court, and Superior Court in Fayette County. He also presides over trials in other parts of the state when there is a need. David has been practicing law for forty years and is the founding law partner of Peachtree Law Group, which now has sixteen attorneys. He is deemed one of the most successful lawyers in Georgia, getting recoveries for cases that were rejected by others.

Judge Moore stays active in the Fayette Bar Association and many other legal associations. He was President of the local Bar twice, leading the Fayette Bar to double its membership, and received State Bar of Georgia Awards both times. A teacher and mentor, Judge Moore is intentional about helping other Fayette County lawyers be their best through continuing legal education. He thrives on being busy and doing good - always has, and it seems he always will. He exercises three times a week, is committed to a healthy lifestyle, and contributes to a healthy community in a host of ways. David and Pam have been supporters of more than a dozen charities for many years, in addition to ministries, missions, and local churches.

In his debut book, Perfect Balance, David helps readers navigate difficult health decisions. The book is a resource for individuals seeking a concise guide to overcome the dilemma of dieting, stress, sickness, unhappiness, lack of spirituality, and not living a healthy lifestyle. He believes, “Willpower is the function of blood sugar.” He continues, "Willpower is not only for choosing the right foods but for everything in life.” The book is a blueprint for success through balance and harmony of the mind, body, and spirit. “You can’t save anybody. You just share Christ.”

Judge Moore has been a member of the Peachtree City Rotary Club since the 90s and has a flawless attendance record. While he supports and sponsors Rotary events like the International Festival at Lake Peachtree, his special joy is the program that provides free bicycles to children in our community. “It hurts me to think about a kid without a bike.” David's heart for children extends to Sunday school class where he’s been teaching youth for the past 22 years.

David is active in the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce, and his philanthropic endeavors benefit organizations like Christian City, Southwest Christian Care, Fayette Senior Services, and others. He enjoys helping the Fayette Senior Services Life Enrichment Center restore and maintain the organization’s garden. He is also involved in several support efforts, “We do different things to raise money to send to South America to dig wells, so people have water to drink.”

Whether you call him Judge Moore, David, or DR, you are referring to a servant leader who consistently gives of himself, his time, and his resources. “I work the Fall Festival at church. I sponsor bikes. I help with the running club and cleaning up the parks in Peachtree City. Every year I work the dragon boat race, and I’ve sponsored in the Rotary Phone Book for 20+ years. I’ve been on the round table at the Chamber.” David selflessly helps wherever he can.

An advocate for supporting and volunteering in local charities, David helps to provide essential services to those in need. By engaging actively, he fosters empathy, builds connections, and contributes to positive social change - not to mention a sense of fulfillment and purpose while creating healthier, happier communities.

“I love people, and I thank God for having this opportunity.”

One Sunday, David asked the youth at church, “What’s the most important thing in life?” After a number of viable answers, he shared, “The first thing you need to do is give your life to Christ. What better way to glorify God than accepting his son?”

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