One Chair: Three Ways

Restyle with the Seasons by Changing Accents and Accessories

When it comes to a style refresher, a room can get a lift without a remodel—similar to how it feels walking out of a salon with a new haircut, not a full makeover. “I’m an advocate of freshening your style by adding to your already existing foundation pieces,” says Jessica Merryweather Pollard of Merryweather Home • Gift • Design in The Box Factory, Bend. Whether you just moved into a new home or you have lived in your home for a long time, Jessica suggests investing in timeless foundation pieces such as a sofa, chairs, a console to “set” the room. These items provide a starting place from where the design begins to unfold. “I also like to select three accent colors and see those colors repeated in rugs, pillows, baskets or art,” she says. The key is to create cohesion, and color accents are an easy way to bring elements together. According to Jessica, while neutrals are still trending, there’s no need to, “live in a bowl of oatmeal.” Her approach to design is color and texture that reflect life and individuality. “When you look outside to the mountains or walk around town and see flowers in bloom, those are the things that make your heart sing,” she says. Here, Jessica offers suggestions for how to style a foundation piece three ways for three personalities or to freshen up a room for a new season where colors bring our senses to life. Merryweather.Shop


Global Inspiration

1.) Turkish Kilim Pillow, prices vary.

2.) Jacquard Cotton and Wool Throw, $175.

3.) Hooked Fringed Rug, in various sizes. 

4.) Bolga Basket from Ghana,$109.

Layered Textures

1.) Knit-patterned Pillow, 20” x 20”, $89.

2.) Recycled Cotton Throw, machine washable, $170.

3.) Pebbled Wool Rug, in various sizes.

4.) Woven Basket, $125. 

Fall Warmth

1.) Cornsilk Yellow Pillow, 22” x 22”, $89.

2.) English Throw by 1837 a family-owned textile mill, $145.

3.) Hooked Wool Rug, in various sizes. 

4.) Seagrass Basket, $95.


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