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Marina DeWit and James Bernau became longtime family friends after meeting through their children’s mutual activities for over a decade.  For many, Covid brought lots of changes and created a pivotal opportunity for these entrepreneurs to co-own a new business for the community. With their previous experience in both corporate and small business, they became the local dealership for One Day Doors & Closets of Arizona.

New interior doors, whether bedroom, pantry, closet, or others, can completely change the look of your home. And for many, their houses are getting older—meaning the doors look outdated or bland and reflect on the rest of the home’s style. The challenge for homeowners is that replacing interior doors has always been a substantial undertaking.

Until recently.

Choosing doors at a big box store typically means minimal options of door styles and sizes, along with the fact that doors off the shelf will not fit a homeowner’s existing doorjambs. Door installation is difficult in existing homes due to foundation settling, uneven flooring, odd door sizes, and bowed jambs. It becomes an invasive house project that involves removing existing doorframes, installing pre-hung doors, patching, and painting, while taking weeks of living in a construction zone with a contractor or handyman constantly being present.

“We’re Arizona’s premier interior door replacement company and have the highest customer rating over any other company,” says Bernau. “We replace your interior doors in just one day without any messy construction in your house. The doors are precisely measured to the existing frames, custom crafted, and professionally painted, ensuring beautiful doors that arrive at the home and are installed in just a few hours.”

The pair opened for business just over a year ago and have been awarded “Rookies of the Year” by One Day Doors & Closets because of their commitment to quality and high standards of customer service. They have installed over 2,500 doors in the Phoenix area and have high ratings and reviews. 

With the revolutionary 3D measuring technology, One Day Doors provides custom-fit interior doors without replacing the door frames.

DeWit adds, “We save you time and money while transforming your home to the style you want, stress-free.”

One Day Doors & Closets of Arizona offers a large selection of styles for interior doors, as well as closet doors, barn doors, and closet organizers. Recently, their small business expanded the factory production to include closet organizers.

"All of our closet designs are custom for the person(s) and custom for the space. We have integrated design software that provides the customer with a 3D image of what the closet will look like before they purchase,” DeWit says. “And that design goes straight to our unique manufacturing system so the customer can be confident in what they will receive. We are the biggest interior door and closet organizer company in the country."

Bernau adds, "It is an exciting venture for us to offer an additional service in designing and implementing a functional space in the home." 

Customers can visit the showroom located in North Phoenix to make selections to fit their unique tastes and transform their homes.

“We can replace 20-25 doors in just one day,” Bernau states. “For most contractors, that would take over two weeks. And we pride ourselves on the white glove service. We’re registered contractors and have over 30 years of combined experience with our employees.”

He continues, “We make it a smooth experience from beginning to end.”

Customers can easily transform their homes in five simple steps:

1.     Call for a free, in-home consultation.

2.     Visit the showroom to choose the door style, weight, paint color, and hardware options.

3.     The one-day measure technician will measure the door frames with the company’s proprietary 3D measuring technology.

4.     The new doors will be custom-crafted and painted in the One Day Doors & Closets’ factory.

5.     The home is transformed with custom doors installed in just a few hours.

The partners share that what they most enjoy about the business, besides the great team, is helping customers see their visions become a reality and exceeding expectations.

“We’re a small local business that can provide customers with the best home improvement experience. Our doors can be installed in record time without mess, hassle, or extreme cost. You will love what doors do!” DeWit concludes.

One Day Doors & Closets of Arizona

875 E. Covey Lane, Suite 104

Phoenix, AZ 85024


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