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One-of-a-Kind Murphy Beds

Delightful Designs from Dora Moss Beds

Article by Julie Brown Patton

Photography by Phillip Slaughter

Originally published in Frisco City Lifestyle

Sometimes called fold-down or pull-down beds, the unique Murphy designs of Dora Moss Beds, LLC often are instead called armoires and cabinets due to their classy, clever overall executions. 

"Ours aren't the run-of-the-mill Murphy beds. They're novel, and people are in awe the beds don't look like a Murphy bed at all, at first glance," says Leroy Henry, owner of this Mckinney-based business. 

As interesting as the company's namesake—who was Leroy's grandmother, Dora Moss—these contemporary guest beds do more than save space. Leroy says any of their vertical or horizontal Murphy beds can be customized to suit various home designs and different needs. They also make bunk beds and kids' playhouses.

He says they can create one-of-a-kind Murphy bed cabinets including custom features, such as: 

  • Added shelving around the folding cabinet for extra storage
  • False drawer fronts to give the illusion of a stylish armoire
  • Selected paint stain or wooded finishes to match other furniture

Leroy says their horizontal Murphy beds work well for full- or twin-sized beds, and the space above the bed can be used for other decor, such as bookcases, shelves, photos, artwork or cabinetry. He adds that the vertical Murphy beds provide functional aspects when queen-or king-sized mattresses are desired. 

"All of our beds are made in Texas," assures Leroy, who says they also carry a full line of candles, wall decor, lamps, glass art from a local artist, pillows and throws to create guest rooms with character.

Those with New Year's resolutions about reorganizing living or office space may want to think hard about these sophisticated Murphy beds due to their flexibility. They leave more space for having multi-functional rooms, which can be turned into a guest room at the flick of a wrist.

The Dora Moss Beds team just celebrated the company's fourth business anniversary in November.


"Dora Moss Murphy beds save space, are easy to use and are comfortable. Our beds allow customers to keep their multi-purpose spaces in their homes, and actually become valued pieces of their overall furniture decor," says Leroy Henry, owner of Dora Moss Beds LLC.