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Image Studios Lafayette is the professional home to nearly thirty mini-salon owners, who run the complete gamut in services offered. Without leaving the building, you can have your nails done, permanent makeup, a new tattoo, take on a new hairstyle, and more.

In terms of style, each professional has the freedom to be expressive and unique- something quite important for any artistic and creative mind.

Three of these professionals from Image Studios have shared a bit of their passions and flare with us and give their perspectives when it comes to finding one’s own style. 

Riley Rodgers, a cosmetologist and owner of The Golden Cut, likes to be fluid with her style, depending on mood and what the day brings. She may take on a bohemian cottage core look one day and motorcycle grunge the next.

Riley’s favorite canvas has always been hair, and enjoys having a range of clients with vastly different ideas. “The key to understanding your clients is building a relationship with them over time,” she says. “I want to get to the root of who they are and ultimately what makes them feel beautiful.”

She says a blended look is one of the most common requests these days, where natural grays and silvers are meshed with another natural looking color, rather than covering them completely. The more adventurous type might also ask for a bright pink or purple block to make the silver or gray pop.

For busy moms, Riley suggests taking advantage of what you’re already working with. Accentuate natural waves with a curl-enhancing cream, a good scrunch, and an air dry. Embrace your pin straight hair with dry texture spray and a cut that enhances your face shape. Flaunt the natural beauty rather than fight it!

Ivonne Rodriguez expresses herself through nail art, and has been for 14 years. Her new studio space is named Me Time Nail Salon, which she describes as modern with a touch of elegance.  The neutral paint on the walls are contrasted with dark, bold lettering and floral detail, with a few simple bursts of color in the furniture and decor.

Ivonne’s personal style is also very natural and relaxed, and she believes feeling comfortable in your own skin is important. Her talent, however, speaks loudly. With a portfolio of countless nail shapes, colors and designs, she can certainly adapt to just about any client’s requests. 

Curious about what is up-to-date chic in the nail industry? First, think almond and round nail shapes, and nude base colors. From here, the styles get exponentially more out of the box. Crystals, charms, and decals are all very common, as are 3D flowers and encapsulated glitter and foil.

With so many options to explore, there is no wrong way to begin a new nail style journey. Ivonne’s advice? “Try it! If you don’t love it, we can always change it or go a different route the next time.”

Maybe your hands and feet are in need of some pampering. Me Time Nail Salon boasts ten manicure/pedicure options, including a CBD Pedicure, which uses detox volcano crystals, exfoliating sugar, a collagen cream mask, and lotion massage. Many of her services also include a featured drink of the month to top off the experience.

Men are often overlooked when discussing or reading about style, but Rachel Micaletti is helping change that at The Garage Barbershop. 

Rachel grew up in an environment filled with classic cars, rock and roll, and all things classic Americana. She felt inclined to design her studio with the same edge and a “come as you are” welcomeness. You’ll find classic Chevelle on a large mural wall upon entering The Garage.

Personally, Rachel is outgoing yet down-to-earth. She enjoys good banter with her clients and helping them express themselves through their appearance. According to the pro, anything goes these days. 

“Most classic, timeless cuts are in, but I also love when clients opt for something new, edgy and self-reflective,” Rachel admits. “It’s fun to get out of your comfort zone!”

Her advice to those who feel stuck in their ‘do: sometimes the smallest change is all we need to make things feel fresh and new. Getting a seasoned professional’s option and keeping an open mind can be a great way to spice up personal style.

Stacy Read, Area Developer for Image Studios and owner of Image Studios Lafayette, emphasizes the importance of creating an environment of supportive and collaborative professionals. 

“Not only does this create a "one-stop shop" for many of our clients,” Stacy says, “but it also allows the pros to work with one another, share clients, and creates a space that thrives outside the realm of only one business offering.  We are proud of how this group supports one another.”

In terms of style cohesion, she says that with each pro having the freedom to showcase their own creative inner workings is inspiring. It celebrates individuality and is a good representation of how no one person’s individual style needs to reflect another. What’s the fun in blending in, anyway?

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