OneRequest is all it takes 

I think I may have found what is missing in the car shopping experience, peace of mind! As I talked with local businessman and the founder of OneRequest, Eric Westphal, I kept thinking to myself: “How has this aspect of car shopping not existed till now?” 

Eric dreamed up the idea of his company out of a desire to serve car shoppers and to change the experience for the masses. He had a personal experience of being aggravated while looking for a car and thought during that process, ‘If other industries have grown and changed to serve their customers, then why hasn't the process of buying a car not changed all that much?’

He founded OneRequest in 2020 and now, just two years later, has more than 20 employees and is continuing to grow. His business is not merely a “car shopping made easy” desire but is backed by passion to truly serve the car shopper. 

Eric is not a stranger to the stress and frustration that seems to befall any person needing a new car, which has given him the desire to step into the gap and make a change for all future car shoppers. 

The business looks similar to other car shopping websites but differs in the most important ways. For instance, when you go to their website, you can search for whatever kind of car you are looking for within a database of cars from dealerships nationwide. This enables you, the car shopper, to peruse whatever kind of vehicle you need from dealerships all across the country and then contact the dealership through the OneRequest website. By communicating solely through the OneRequest website, after you have found the car you are interested in, you then request to start a conversation with that specific dealership. They are not given any of your personal information until you give it to them or ask OneRequest to share on your behalf. 

Unlike other car companies, OneRequest does not sell cars, such as cars.com and CarGurus. They help you shop for one. In addition, they have an option, for a fee, their concierge service, where you can tell them what kind of car you are looking for and how much you want to pay, and they will search for it and do all the negotiating on your behalf. Ummm, yes, please! There are absolutely no fees unless you use their concierge service or trade-in option. You feel safe, and your information is safe as OneRequest never sells your information to marketing companies. No more spam emails!

The next time you are thinking about shopping for a car, you can find them online at onerequest.com, or you can download their free app. This allows for a more efficient, safe and stress-free car shopping experience which leaves you happy with the car you have found and no longer wishing away the experience.

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