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Health and Safety Workplace Compliance

ROI's goal, safe workplaces & zero injuries

A sense of health and safety in the workplace is something we should all be grateful for. ROI Safety Services is a full-service safety and environmental compliance company specializing in onsite safety services and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) training.

Jessee McClellan opened ROI Safety Services in 2016 to serve Southern California. Since then, he’s expanded his efforts to serve Nevada, Arizona, and several other states across the country.

"We provide health and safety services to thousands of employees in high-hazard industries, and ensure all training follows OSHA, state, and local requirements," says Jessee. "

Jessee says that one of the challenges businesses face is keeping up with the constantly changing regulations regarding health and safety in the workplace. "There are always new things popping up," he says. "It's our job to stay on top of it so that our clients can focus on their business."

ROI Safety Services offers a variety of services, including onsite safety assessments, audits, OSHA training, customized safety plans, and more. Jessee says that one of their most popular services is their Onsite First Aid and CPR Training Bloodborne Pathogens Course, a training that is essential for all businesses, from preschools to manufacturing.

“We offer onsite customized OSHA compliance program auditing and development to fit your

company’s specific needs,” says Jessee.

According to Jessee, ROI Safety Services’ goal is crystal clear. “Our mission is to help our

community and local businesses create safe workplaces with zero injuries,” he says.

  • Jessee McClellan, owner ROI Safety Services

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