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Open Wide: Maximum Results, Minimum Discomfort

Popular dentist Dr. David Brumbaugh has created a niche in the Park Cities with contemporary treatment and heartfelt care.

With a practice specializing in areas including restorative and cosmetic dentistry for adults, Dr. David Brumbaugh is a believer in the importance of patient education.

“It’s paramount,” he says. “We clearly explain issues, if any, then discuss options, pros and cons, allowing patients to make informed decisions.”

Brumbaugh’s patients come from “all walks of life,” he says, as well as a variety of locations, a tribute to the many referrals received during his 23 years in practice. “We truly appreciate both our patient family and their time,” Brumbaugh adds. “I don’t jump from room to room seeing multiple patients, you are my focus for the duration of your visit.”

A Fort Worth native, Brumbaugh graduated from The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston-Dental Branch, then opened his practice in 2000. 

While growing up, Brumbaugh spent a lot of time with his family dentist and physician, even shadowing their daily routines. “Over time, I realized that I liked the idea of seeing and getting to know patients over an extended period of time, not just for a single treatment,” Brumbaugh says. “It is a great feeling getting to see families grow, enjoying the wisdom and life stories from my older patients to seeing children grow up and graduate from college. As a specialist, I would not have that opportunity.” 

Growing up in Tarrant County, Brumbaugh says he was familiar with Dallas and all the local landmarks. After dental school, he felt the city’s personality, expanding business climate, excellent housing market, and cultural presence would allow him to start and grow the type of dental practice he envisioned having. 

Today, Brumbaugh is well known for his dedication, innovations, and huge heart for patients, particularly those dealing with anxiety about dentistry. 

His practice offers the most proven and beneficial advances in laser dentistry using the Solea CO2 laser. This laser device allows the patient to have dental treatment without the need to get a shot.  “Maximum results with minimum discomfort,” Brumbaugh says. He utilizes nitrous oxide and is trained and licensed in the administration of IV sedation, allowing patients to feel completely at ease during their dental treatment.

Such progressive methods combined with a caring approach have solidified Brumbaugh’s reputation in the community, which he calls “a rewarding personal and professional journey.”

For Brumbaugh and his staff, connecting with the community they serve is also a significant element of the practice:We all give back throughout the year,” Brumbaugh says.

In November, the practice gave to the nonprofit Operation Turkey, a charity with a presence in eight states including Texas. “For over 20 years it has remained 100% volunteer-driven without a single paid employee,” Brumbaugh says, adding that it delivers more than 75,000 hot meals on Thanksgiving Day in Dallas.

Collectively, Brumbaugh and his staff have also volunteered for Carter Blood Bank, Adopt-A-Neighborhood, Save A Smile, North Texas Food Bank, Salvation Army, SPCA, Texas Mission of Mercy, The Shepard’s House, Dallas Life and Meals on Wheels. “I feel a personal obligation to try and help those that don’t have the ability to help themselves,” Brumbaugh says.

Brumbaugh adds that there are certain experiences that stand alone: “Providing donated dental services to veterans,” he says. “People who’ve fought to protect our freedoms, many of whom are injured, physically and/or mentally. These selfless people should not have to suffer with oral issues that can be easily fixed.”