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Opening Minds by Opening Books

Inspire curiosity and motivate young thinkers with Paper Bark Birch

Explore the world!

My Incredible India is a tribute to one of the oldest civilizations. From landscape and food, to art, architecture, and wildlife, it’s a delightful taste of the wonders India has to offer.

Explore science!

Charles Darwin’s Around-the-World Adventure takes us with Naturalist Charles Darwin on his epic trip on the HMS Beagle, as he asks questions and shapes theories that will change the future of science.

Explore nature!

When every day offers something new, find it in your own backyard! A Kid’s Guide to Backyard Birds encourages children to use their senses while they observe and learn about American birds.

Explore classic literature!

Everyone says to teach them young! BabyLit allows you to create a library that builds familiarity with classic stories made into adorable children’s learning primers, like Around the World in 80 Days.

Explore history!

Follow a fictional family through 100 years of life, politics, and family dynamics in The Apartment: A Century of Russian History. Watch heirlooms (seek-and-find style!) be handed down while absorbing 20th-century Russian culture.

  • Photo by Megan Marshall