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Optimal Pelvic Health

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While many women and men have health issues related to their pelvic areas, it’s not something that’s openly discussed. It’s often embarrassing to bring up even with our closest friends, and many times, doctor’s aren’t even aware of their patients’ plights.

“Patients go to doctors, whether it’s for a yearly appointment, or for their six-week postpartum checkup, and are asked how everything is going,” says Stacey Futterman Tauriello, a physical therapist who concentrates on the pelvic area. “Most people assume that what they’re experiencing is part of aging or postpartum.”

When she gave birth to Lexi in 2017, she learned firsthand what her patients were going through. “It gave me a lot more empathy for my patients and really helped me be a better therapist.” Stacey actually did a Motherhood series on the Today Show where she talked about her struggles first with fertility and then with urinary incontinence and other childbirth related issues.

At her two 5 Point Physical Therapy and Wellness Centers in New York City and Millburn, patients are treated for everything relating to the pelvis. “We focus on things such as urinary incontinence, frequency, and urgency - anything related to the bladder, plus anything related to the bowel, including bowel dysfunction, and pain during physical intimacy, prenatal and postpartum issues, and pre- and post-menopausal symptoms. Also, about 30% of our patient population is male.”

Physical therapists, says Stacey, don’t receive a lot of education on pelvic health. “I'm a senior instructor for Herman and Wallace [Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute] and educate physical therapists, occupational therapists - basically anyone who is licensed to work with patients in this area- how to assess and treat pelvic dysfunction.”

People are often surprised at what pelvic physical therapy can do. “The biggest comments are ‘I wish I would have done this sooner.’ I think a lot of people just assume that they’re going to need surgery or they’re going to have to take medications. When patients say, ‘I feel the best I've ever felt,’ that to me is the positive feedback we want.”

At her Wellness center in NYC, there are Pilates instructors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and physical therapists. The Millburn center, in addition to physical therapy, offers acupuncture, and Pilates and Stacey is hoping to add on massage therapy as well very soon.

In 2015 Stacey and Her now husband purchased a house in Maplewood, NJ.  “After the birth of my daughter, I realized I didn't want to commute into the city as often, so I opened a satellite practice Millburn NJ.  my husband and I moved to Maplewood. Being five minutes from the center is amazing and Millburn is such a nice town.”

Along with Stacey, the two other therapists in Millburn have 10 plus years of experience. “I graduated in 1996 and I love the work that I do in every aspect. I love being a female entrepreneur, a business owner, and I love helping my employees be the best they can be.”

Being a boutique practice allows her and the other therapists to spend 45 minutes to an hour with patients each session. “Supporting women, especially during the prenatal and postpartum periods, is one of my passions because women don't get the care they need during pregnancy or postpartum as well as they could.”

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