Orange Beach K-9 Unit

Backing The Blue & Their K-9s, Too

K9 unit dogs have been an essential part of law enforcement agencies for decades. These highly trained animals are used to assist police officers in a variety of ways, including tracking down suspects, detecting drugs and explosives, and even performing search and rescue operations. In this edition, we give you three of Orange Beach Police Department's finest. 

Officer Giles & K9 Sadie

Sadie is making headlines locally as she and her handler, Officer Giles recently competed regionally and nationally in the USPCA Nationals, placing first in Cars and Rooms categories. 

Officer Hobbs & K9 Magnum 

Magnum also debuted headlines in competing in the USPCA Nationals, placing third in rooms and fourth overall. 

The officers combined with their K9's finished with first place in the narcotics category and scored 198.84 our of a possible 200 points. 

Officer Giles and K9 Sadie will advance to the USPCA Nationals to compete against other talented teams from across the country.

Officer Dixson and K9 Perseus are also part of the force. 

We teamed up with the crew to ask questions about each of these working K9 units and found out that they are so much more than dogs in the line of duty.  

While one of the primary uses of K9 police dogs are to aid in detecting narcotics, tracking down suspects, or detecting explosives, these lovable and loyal K9's are also playful, funny, and full of their own personalities. 

"We work with our dogs all of the time" says Dixson, "having them is a bond that is hard to describe. They are also part of our family. Our spouses, partners, and children love them as much as we do. We are so much more than just their handlers." 

"Sadie is part of everything I do, she's my best friend and caring for her brings me joy. I like to take her out in the community to educate others on what we do. She loves the attention and wants to play. She's 9 years old but you'd never know that with her energy and stamina. She loves swimming and playing with her toys, loves to play fetch and be with others," says Giles. 

"Magnum is a working K9 and he's trained well to perform his job. When he isn't working he's enjoying being home with our family. My two year old climbs all over him. He knows his duties and executes them precisely, but he's so much more than that." 

Talking with the team, we learned that these K9 officers have their own unique personalities. Perseus, a 9 year old dual purpose K9 loves to unwind and decompress after a long day like every other Orange Beach resident; on the beach, his bed, or a boat. He, like his other K9 co-workers, enjoy their downtime to the fullest. "Each one has such a high drive. They can save your life and will do everything they can to do just that, but they also like treats and getting paid," says Dixson. "Getting paid in K9 terms equates to a new toy or ball. They enjoy long walks on the beach, boating, stuffed animals, and belly rubs," says Giles

The training of K9 police dogs is a highly specialized process that continues throughout their working career. They are trained in a variety of skills including obedience, tracking, detection, and protection. Dogs must be able to follow commands from their handlers without hesitation, even in high-stress situations. 

There are differences between types of K9 Police Dogs. These police dogs are an invaluable asset to law enforcement agencies and communities all around the world. We are so thankful to have them as part of our Orange Beach community, protecting, serving, and bringing joy to the lives of their handlers, families, and communities at large. 

We at GCCL love, respect, and honor our furry friends and their handlers.  

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