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Luxury Interior Design, Furniture, Cabinetry And Home Decor Can Be Secured Under One Roof In Newtown

One Newtown interior designer relishes catering to various people's tastes for many different reasons. Jennifer Lynn Poe, founder and owner of Rittenhouse Home, says she enjoys curating all in one location the elements and options that clients need to refresh or build-from-scratch those coveted spaces that match their lifestyles. 

"We work with 300 vendors, and based on the volume and nature of my business, we can navigate different price points, styles and sources. We provide the look that tells a cohesive story, and we work with our clients until their stories are complete," Jennifer says. 

In her showroom, Jennifer shares samples for furniture, custom cabinetry, lighting, décor and accessories. Rittenhouse Home services cover bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, entertainment areas and exterior oases. 

"We've recently handled quite a few outdoor projects, such as patios, pool houses and indoor/outdoor living areas. There's a new movement with fabrications, as well as pivot doors and screens, that allows more options for creating additional off-season areas," she says. "After the past couple of years of people really using their homes, they better understand what was missing and what they need. We provide those touches."

Due to Jennifer's art, business, real estate and home renovation background, she says she understands why many homeowners seek renovation options to span five to 10 years, while still maximizing their return-on-investment. "Trends are fun, but we try to get to timeless designs so clients don't ever feel like they're walking into a time warp," she says.

Jennifer provides a new construction package, and is happy to work with builders to provide interior design assistance wi6th blueprints during construction periods, especially regarding real-life scaling associated with furniture. She says her service model is different in that she offers a one-time design fee, not hourly based fees. 

"We follow an organic, creative process to design. Usually, clients will give me a genre, and may have a picture in-hand. Then I can put enough choices in front of them without overwhelming them. We use 3-D rendering tools, which are super helpful in showing what spaces can look like. Clients are really receptive to receiving my guidance," she adds. 


Various elements are specific to the style of a new or renovated kitchen; however, Jennifer asserts there are a few key features that can be incorporated, no matter the design:

  1. Pull-out Trash and Recycling -- Waste containers take up floor space in kitchens. When remodeling a kitchen, consider opting for custom cabinets built to enclose these odorous bins.
  2. Utensils/Cutlery Divider -- Custom dividers for utensils and cutlery make it easy to locate and organize. Have utensils drawer located near cooking and prep areas for quick access and quicker cleanup.
  3. Rollout Drawers -- Deep cabinets get cluttered, often with cookware hidden in the back. Getting custom rollout drawers built into a kitchen cabinet increases efficiency and visibility of all cookware essentials.
  4. Cabinetry Lighting -- Almost every room in a home has a lamp and ceiling mounted light fixture to improve visibility. When renovating kitchens, get lighting above, below or inside of the cabinets.

Showroom:  2845 S. Eagle Road in Newtown 

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