Organic Beauty in the Home

Fulfilling a Dream of Horticulture and Home Design

Article by Ashley Loeb

Photography by Ashley Loeb

Originally published in Boise Lifestyle

Growing up in Chicago, Susan Wynne’s mother threw “the most fabulous dinner parties.” The beautiful nature-inspired accessories, China place settings, the smell of lilies, and melody of the baby grand piano left Susan in “awe of the beautiful transformation the house went through.” To this day, Susan continues to be enthralled with design discoveries, especially during her European travels. “I find myself having a feeling I have been there before. It all just makes sense to me. I get inspired by the way they repurpose items and cherish family heirlooms.” 

The first seed of making her design passion into something more came after Susan and her husband Bill left the Midwest to follow their hearts out west. Idaho is reminiscent of where they first met in the 1990’s in Boulder, Co. and the perfect spot to build her long-awaited retirement dream.

After nearly six years of searching for a place where they could fully immerse themselves in the Boise community, Bill and Susan Wynne settled in the city of Eagle. Eager to leave the “rat race” of her Michigan life behind and seeking to really dive into her passions full time, Susan realized that a home and garden store would be the perfect way to blend her two loves together.

Alongside her passion for design is her first love, horticulture. She has always been particularly fascinated with the structure of trees and the artwork they display throughout the year, especially the colorful fall foliage.  Susan completed a university garden program and now enjoys putting together landscapes that highlight the form and structure which are all so appropriate for the Idaho region.

Susan also finds inspiration from historical designers such as Constance Spry from mid 20th century England, who was one of the first mainstream florists to make using unusual material in arrangements fashionable. When asked about her favorite design elements, Susan stated, “Give me a branch, a green and a nest and I’m happy!” Before finding her calling in the home design world, she spent her earlier years building a career as a realtor for corporate executives, which appealed to her because her success or failure was completely up to her. This also taught her the discipline required to run a business, while allowing her to spend countless hours soaking in the designs of different homes. 

While most of her time is now devoted to fostering her dream, Susan and Bill enjoy the company of their feline children, including Dolly, a precious kitten recently adopted from the Idaho Humane Society. “She smells like magic, if magic had a smell!” Susan exclaimed fondly when asked how they were adjusting to their new member of the family. 

Not surprisingly, one of Susan’s favorite year-round places to escape to in Boise is the Idaho Botanical Gardens. When the weather is warmer, you may also find her working in her own backyard garden, enjoying the views and sounds of nature. 

Carrying on her mother’s tradition, Susan and Bill have also enjoyed hosting events for friends, clients and the community for the last thirty years, beginning when they hosted pre-game events at their first home just two blocks from the Michigan State football stadium. “I just love creating an ambiance for others.”  That inviting atmosphere is something she brings into her store, which she describes as an ongoing event with the community.

The idea for the store drew on the beliefs that “people are innately drawn to nature and natural elements” and that the “organic beauty of nature can be part of everyone’s home.”  Organic beauty is exactly what resonates within the modern storefront of Acquire and Company which Susan helped design from the ground-up. Warm, earthy tones contrast with textures of wood, brushed metal, and textiles. Beautiful pillows, throw blankets and realistic floral including lilies, a fond reminder of Susan’s mother, are beautifully accented with branches, nests, and greenery. With an approach founded in biophilic design, Susan’s goal is to connect homes with nature by “bringing the outside in and pairing it with everyday items to help give that ‘calm’ to a home.” Susan is also eager to provide a fully immersive experience by sharing her design expertise to help people bring their visions for their homes to life. 

“I love making designs and visions come to life.” Susan Wynne's former life as a corporate realtor allowed her to grow as a businesswoman, using that knowledge to pursue her passions for design and horticulture.

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