Our Family Caring for Yours

Mother-son team offer 'A New Day' for those needing at-home care.

Michelle and Mitchell McAllister are a mother-son team with a mission to offer “A New Day” to those who need home care. Although larger chains offering similar services abound, as a locally owned business, A New Day offers a personalized alternative with Mitchell or Michelle available 24/7. “Our slogan is ‘Our Family Caring for Yours,’” Michelle said. “One of us is always accessible.”

A New Day opened in Peachtree City last September and is licensed to provide care in six surrounding counties for elderly, disabled, or convalescing clients. Services include personal and companion care, household assistance, transportation, Alzheimer’s/dementia care, as well as other miscellaneous non-medical services. Unlike franchises with limited flexibility, Mitchell said A New Day can tailor services to client needs. Plus, as a registered nurse, Michelle is always available to field questions from clients as well as caregivers. “Every home care business has to have an RN on staff and that's my mother,” Mitchell said.  “We're able to customize whatever the client wants. We don't have someone higher up telling us what we can or cannot do.”

And unlike traditional facilities, A New Day provides one-on-one care.  “It's our caregiver with the client,” Michelle said. “In a facility, they're one of many. They're assigned to a caregiver, but that person has quite a few people to care for that day. Our caregivers are going to come in and give each client individualized personal one-on-one care.” Care provided at home is an added benefit. “We have found that people do better when they're in a familiar environment and can continue to live in the home they know and be close to their family,” Michelle said. “I would say it's the same for people coming out of physical therapy, rehabilitation facilities, and hospitals, too.”

During her long career as a registered nurse, Michelle experienced many aspects of healthcare. But it was during 10 years of working with state programs that allowed elderly and disabled patients to stay in their homes that taught her the importance of home care. “I saw just how much of a need there is for quality home care,” she said. “I saw the importance of being able to stay in your home and age in place and how the caregiver becomes like an extended family member.” Michelle also learned the importance of respite care for patients' families and that knowledge led to naming the business.  “Maybe the family just doesn't know what to do, or maybe they are exhausted because they've been providing care for their loved ones,” she said.  “We can come in and offer a sense of relief. It can be a new day.”

With A New Day, each patient has a personalized care plan. And all caregivers have undergone an intensive hiring process and background check and are CPR and first aid certified. Michelle personally provides skills training and testing. “We want them to embody the same values that we have,” Michelle said. Care is available 24/7 if needed and the emphasis is always on safety. “That's why we're there,” Mitchell said, “to keep the client safe.” Michelle believes companionship is just as important as physical care. “Through the past two or three years a lot of socialization and social groups that people had stopped,” she said.  “Socialization is just as important as the medication that they take.”

A New Day caregivers can encourage clients to get out of bed and get their day started, take their medication, go for walks, or participate in other activities. They can also help clients prepare healthy meals.  “Grabbing something out of the pantry isn’t the best food choice if they are diabetic, have some type of heart disease or other health concern,” Michelle said. “We can help guide them in preparing balanced meals while providing companionship and independence.”

Defined by a Southern accent she brought with her from the rural agricultural community of Wauchula, Florida, where she grew up, Michelle’s family has lived in Fayette County since 2005. Having her son become her business partner has been a win-win. “He has great innovative ideas,” Michelle said. “We're able to constantly bounce ideas off of each other, and since we’re family we might know what the other one’s going to say before they say it.” She wants A New Day to be a positive experience for her son as well as her clients and caregivers. “I want to make sure that it's a good working experience for him so that he can learn and grow in his profession,” she said.

Mitchell, who has known he wanted to be a business owner since he was in middle school, has a business background and was a realtor for about three years.  “It's been a great combination. We get along really well.”

For more information about A New Day visit www.newdayprivatehomecare.com.

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