Our Very Own Teacups and Tadpoles

Traditional and Worldly Styles for the Kiddos

When Kristen Byrnes moved to The Woodlands in 2015 from Singapore, she was easing out of a career in finance and business, and into life as a Texas stay-at-home mom. She never could have guessed that just a few years later these skills would allow her to embrace her new community as a small business owner at the most precious local children’s boutique.

Teacups and Tadpoles was the sweet and beautiful brainchild of another local mom in 2004. By the spring of 2018, she had graduated to the role of grandmother and was ready to retire from her helm at the boutique.  At this time Kristen’s daughter was nearly 4, her son nearly 2, and just six weeks into the pregnancy of baby number three. Not the perfect time to buy a business but it was an opportunity that wouldn’t wait, so the Byrnes family jumped at the chance. Although her husband Steve graduated from The Woodlands High School, Kristen grew up in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and was excited about becoming a more active member of The Woodlands community. After a brief closure and a few renovations, Teacups and Tadpoles reopened in early August 2018. 

A remarkable characteristic of The Woodlands is that its residents hail from all over the country and all over the world.  This allows the team at Teacups and Tadpoles to dabble in fashions meant for varying tastes and perspectives.  Southern sweetness is embraced with pinks and blues, smocking, bonnets and monograms.  Those with contemporary preferences will be encouraged to find earthy neutrals, sassy sparkles, and clever tees. 

Always age appropriate, the store still manages to offer something for everyone, carrying from preemie sizes up to 10 for girls and 6 for boys. With books, unique toys, accessories, and baby gear lining the well-stocked shelves, Teacups and Tadpoles can be a one-stop-shop for all your gifting needs. 

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