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Kansas City Bone & Joint is one of 240 companies to participate in Kansas City Corporate Challenge this year. The event provides an opportunity for co-workers, alongside employees from other local companies, to get to know each other through friendly competition.

Typical opportunities to get to know co-workers tend to involve a monthly happy hour at a bar blocks away from the office or a picnic to kick off the summer season. Both situations involve a chance to escape the office environment and chat with colleagues without being CC’d on another email. But Kansas City Bone & Joint Clinic has another idea that goes beyond small talk and aligns with a healthy, active lifestyle--Kansas City Corporate Challenge.

The orthopedic clinic was established in 1940, and this is their first year competing in the Corporate Challenge. The KCCC began in 1980 and hosts numerous events, from flag football to tug of war, over a three-month period. Riki Duncan, with KCBJ, describes the intention behind the event as promoting wellness and providing space for employees of different, local companies to spend time together in a more casual environment. KCBJ is one of 240 companies participating this year.

Their services focus on the musculoskeletal system (involving bones, joint, nerves, etc.) which could come in handy if participants themselves encountered a sports-related injury. For patient care technician Sierra Skillings, working in orthopedics has increased her awareness when involved in a competitive event, such as Corporate Challenge.

“I have loved competing in Corporate Challenge,” Skillings says. “It breaks up the monotony of work flow and gives us a positive thing to do as a group. For some events it has been hard finding people to participate, but once everyone shows up we have a blast! Working in ortho, I am more conscious of what I am doing during the activities. During intramurals in college I was much more aggressive and careless, but now I am more cautious of injuries.”  

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Mike Azzam enjoys the KCCC but cautions those playing sports without proper training or conditioning.

“I think that KCCC fosters a collegial atmosphere among coworkers and helps encourage teamwork both in and out of work,” Azzam says. “It also promotes a healthy, active lifestyle. As an orthopedic surgeon, I would urge those participating to get in shape to play sports, rather than playing sports to get in shape. Playing sports without proper training and conditioning places the participant at risk for injury.”

Duncan reported the event thankfully has not resulted in any injuries--but rather a couple of gold medals.

“Dr. Clint Walker and Kevin Mainard blew the competition out of the water by reeling in the biggest combo of bass and crappies, weighing in at 10.63 pounds,” she says. “Stephen Payne, a nurse practitioner working under Dr. Jeffrey Salin, tied for the most hits in trap shooting, but shot ahead with the longest run on 19. Monday’s morning e-mails have been full of great pictures from the games, results, and highlights, not to mention bragging rights echoing throughout the halls.”

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