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Nest Interiors Design Transforms Space

Q&A with Nest Interiors Design

Tell us a little bit about this space and what the goals were from the homeowners when starting the project.

The homeowners wanted a space for their son that felt special and unique just for him. They wanted it to be a room that he could grow with over time, while still infusing the interests and hobbies he has right now.

Where did the inspiration come from for the color scheme and theme?

This little boy is really interested in outer space and astronauts. We wanted to take a funky take on that so it wasn’t too juvenile. The parents also have a really colorful, mod, fun aesthetic that we wanted to bring into the space as well.

What textures or patterns helped make this space dynamic and interesting?

We found this really amazing wallpaper that kind of set the tone for the space. It’s mod, playful, and grounding to all of the quirky pops of color. We played off the paper with fabrics and patterns that felt a little extraterrestrial.

Did any part of the project start as one thing and end up going another way through the creative process?

The project really evolved from a simple kids room refresh, to a custom and unique space that truly reflects the taste and personality of the boy who uses it. When finalizing the install, we placed some of his toys in areas throughout the room as a prop for photos. He ended up loving having those items on display and has kept some of them in the same spots.

What are the favorite pieces in this space?

The wallpaper was a big hit! The sci-fi era ceiling fixture is a favorite, too.

To learn more about Nest Interiors Design, visit or call 913.901.8257.