Outdoor Design Meets Functionality and Aesthetics

Centerpoint Landscaping offers customized landscaping where your style is the center point

Temperatures are slowly starting to rise, and the perfect way to immerse yourself in the beautiful weather is to take full advantage of your outdoor living spaces. Picture yourself taking in the crisp spring air and enjoying time with loved ones. What does that look like for you? An outdoor kitchen with adjacent dining areas? A fire pit crafted especially for stacking the gooiest s’more? Regardless of what your perfect picture looks like, Centerpoint Landscaping has you covered.

“At Centerpoint Landscaping, we design and build comprehensive landscape projects for residential and commercial clients who share our passion for creativity and quality,” said Centerpoint Landscaping Director of Design Mark Johnson.

Johnson and his experienced team of landscaping artists are prepared to provide you with the top-quality service you deserve to bring your picture-perfect outdoor oasis to life. Taking the stress and challenge of design planning off the client, Johnson puts his creative expertise to work and designs each client their ideal, functional, and aesthetically pleasing space.

“We always take the time to schedule an introductory meeting with each new client,” said Johnson. “We learn about the client, the space, and their needs. Being able to ask the right questions and listen is essential. The best projects are partnerships with clients that are involved, all while allowing us to be the professionals.”

Centerpoint Landscaping incorporates functionality and aesthetics with your unique style by leveraging their skillful identification practices to build new designs or elevate any existing architectural features and materials.

“Our design process always starts with understanding who the user of the space is,” said Johnson. “On a residential level, this means meeting the client. We then study the site, sun angles, and existing architectural features. After that, we prepare design concepts that are later developed into a 3D presentation.”

The 3D landscape design presentation allows you to see high-tech and realistic 3D renderings to help you visualize your new outdoor experience by allowing you to see every angle of your new backyard and even letting you see it in multiple different shades of lighting. While other landscape companies typically provide clients with 2D plans, Centerpoint Landscaping’s use of technology helps clients feel engaged throughout the experience and confident that their new design is perfect for them.

Clients are involved in every creative process step, and Centerpoint Landscaping provides fast and efficient installation, regular upkeep, and maintenance.

In addition to offering full-service outdoor landscaping design, Johnson and his team also provide outdoor lighting and irrigation system services. Leveraging his more than 35 years of experience in design and construction, Johnson determines where lighting and irrigation should be placed to elevate the space and enjoys designing and creating new custom light fixtures that become artistic highlights and talking pieces.

“Lighting is important and adds warmth and ambiance to any space,” said Johnson. “When using wall wash lights, it is important to see the light and not the source. Whereas with many other lights, like path lights, the style of the fixture is important. I have enjoyed designing and creating a few custom light fixtures that had become artistic focal points when the opportunity presented itself.”

Centerpoint Landscaping’s greatest satisfaction comes from bringing each client’s beautiful landscaping vision to life — residential or commercial. Providing clients with realistic maintenance and upkeep expectations, ensuring the best options are given.

Offering more than 20 years of expertise, quality service, and affordable pricing, Centerpoint Landscaping services over 52 areas locally and has all the tips, tricks, and on-trend ideas to bring your outdoor oasis to life.

The best projects are partnerships with clients who are involved, all while allowing us to be the professionals.

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