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Outdoor Oasis

Getting away from it all can be as easy as stepping outside.

What's your favorite thing about being on vacation? Being outdoors, spending time with family or friends, going to a place to rest and relax? There is nothing better than the feeling of "getting away from it all." It turns out you don't have to travel any farther than your backyard to capture the essence of a wonderful vacation.

"Over the past couple of years, families have realized that they can permanently vacation in their backyard," said Brian Pfotenhauer, owner of Timberline Landscapes in Webster Groves. Timberline has been creating backyard staycations since 2005.

Brian leads a team of thirty people, including award-winning licensed landscape architect and Webster Groves resident Brad Furfaro. "It's good for your soul to be outside," noted Brad. He explained how fire features, waterscapes, beautifully designed greenspace, elevated steps, walls with seating, and ambient lighting contribute to a space that cultivates health and happiness. "Being in your backyard isn't just an extension of your home; it's an extension of your health. Outdoor spaces are an antidote for depression and anxiety," said Brad. "We've been able to help people live better, especially over the past two years as people spend more time at home."

"As leaders in the green industry, we've always considered the outside space as a natural extension of the home," stated Brian. "Renovating your outdoor space is the same as renovating a kitchen or bathroom or adding an addition to your home."

As with any home renovation project, choosing the right team to work with is crucial. Landscape design is no different. "There is a lot of trust on my team," said Brian. "We have a core group of nine people who work behind the scenes to handle complex and highly creative projects expertly."

Brian's wife, Katie, joined the team in 2018 as the Business Development and Marketing specialist. "The size of our team has doubled since 2018," stated Brian. He started Timberline with a small loan from his parents and a shovel. As an avid snow skier and natural-born entrepreneur, Brian aligns Timberline's top-of-the-mountain growth goals with his core values. "Our core values are Opportunity, Team success, What we do matters, and Fun."

Katie stated, "We don't want all of our projects to look the same. We use high-quality products, in addition to our expert design and installation to ensure that each project adds value to both the individual home and to the surrounding community."

As a proud Kirkwood resident, Brian broadly smiled as he said, "Our office is located in this community, we live in this community, and we want your outdoor project to last for years in this community."

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