Outsourcing Your Everyday Life

With Carver Concierge

Is your to-do list always a mile long, and no matter how much progress you make, it seems to just keep growing? You’re not alone. Between the chores and errands of everyday life, work and family responsibilities and plenty of unexpected challenges that are sure to arise, it can be overwhelming simply making it through the day. 

Nicole Carver, a business owner, mom of three and military spouse, understands the stressors of daily life. Before launching her own business, Nicole worked as an executive level assistant across government and corporate settings. Her husband received duty orders for Stuttgart, Germany and their family was stationed there for five years.

When they arrived back in the United States, Nicole sought a way to leverage her skill set – one rooted in task management, organization and gaining the trust of busy executives – to help others streamline their own lives.

“When we moved back here to the States, I still had two children in school, a husband that traveled all the time and no family nearby,” said Nicole. “I asked myself, ‘how do I take all of the skill sets that I have and create something that I can do that fills up my needs and makes me feel productive at the end of the day. So I started Carver Concierge.” 

What began as administrative support for small businesses quickly evolved into providing support for everyday life. Carver Concierge is a lifestyle management and personal assistant brand that abides by the mantra, “If it doesn’t give you joy or make you money, it should be on our list.” 

The skilled team of detail-oriented lifesavers can take care of things like dry cleaning, returns, scheduling service appointments for the car or home, booking travel, and so much more. If you’re considering a home renovation or remodel, they can even tackle quotes and oversee the management of the project in its entirety. 

“When you can delegate all those things that are in the way, it frees you up to enjoy your personal life and time,” Nicole shared. “We cover anything that is on someone’s regular to-do list. We wear all the hats.”

Outsourcing portions of your personal life can have a tremendous impact on overall productivity, and while full-suite services like Carver Concierge exist, there are a number of tools available to help alleviate timely tasks on your own. 

“A lot of people are afraid to start letting go of that piece of control,” Nicole said. “A simple way to start is by outsourcing simple tasks like grocery shopping, laundry and returns.” 

Services for each of these tasks can exist in the palm of your hand, from Instacart shopping to procuring weekly groceries to local laundry services that will accept and use each client's own preferred products. There are even local services that will pick up and process online or in-store returns. 

These small changes can make a big impact, and once you’re ready to take the leap with a team of expert task managers, getting started with Carver Concierge is as easy as life is sure to become.

“Our internal process and onboarding are extremely streamlined and easy since our goal is to simplify someone’s life,” Nicole said. “We start with a phone call where we talk about working with an assistant and what their budget is, then we draw up a service agreement.” 

Clients are then assigned a concierge that they have direct contact with. At the beginning of each week, clients have a phone call where they share all the things on their to-do list – groceries, travel arrangements, appointment scheduling, event planning – followed by a mid-week check-in and end-of-week update to stay fully briefed on progress. 

“We’re a well-seasoned team of professionals,” Nicole added. “We really start out right in lock step with our clients, and then quickly we’re a step ahead. My team has all had professional careers and has run their own busy homes, so there’s not a learning curve.” 

Currently, Carver Concierge is available in and around the south Nashville area, including Brentwood, Belle Meade, Franklin and neighboring cities. For more information or to initiate a conversation about outsourcing everyday tasks, visit, email or call 615-671-4070.

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