Overcoming Hard Times

How Struggle And Overcoming Challenges Changed Life For The Better For Beddy’s Founder, Betsy Mikesell

“Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Keep going. Tough situations build strong people in the end.” ~Roy T. Bennett. Betsy Mikesell had a strong parenting game. Her daughter, Alyssa,  “always had a bow on her head and never a spot on her face." But after having twins [sons Brock and Boston], "I thought it was a good day if we all bathed,” she jokes. Her requests for her children to make their beds were largely ignored. While showing her children how to make their beds, Betsy quickly discovered that bunk beds positioned against the wall made the task nearly impossible.

Unable to find bedding solutions online, Betsy turned to her mother for help in creating a “zipper bedding” prototype. Little did they know, Betsy’s idea would create a multimillion-dollar business aptly named Beddy’s (pronounced "Bed-Ease"). 

Betsy shared her idea with Angie White, her best friend and neighborhood running buddy. Angie quickly realized how useful this “zip your bed instead” bedding would be for her own family when traveling in their trailer and instantly agreed to partner with Betsy.  “Angie is calm, quiet, and collected, whereas I'm wild, spastic, and creative," says Betsy. "We joke that I am the person throwing glitter and she is the person who thinks, ‘We have to clean up this glitter.’ She is the exact opposite of me in every way and complements me in every way.”

Armed with a prototype and a patent, but in need of $250,000 in start-up funds, the duo decided to test the market with crowdsource funding through Kickstarter. In just 40 days, Beddy’s raised $108,000. The remaining start-up funds were secured by home equity loans. Hard times persisted; terrible margins and high shipping costs forced the pair to hand deliver as many Beddy’s as possible. Seeing firsthand how people were using Beddy’s propelled them forward. “I will never forget meeting one woman with a small boy with Down Syndrome who cried because her son could finally make his bed by himself. It gave him independence,” Betsy recalls. Another mother of a son with autism and a sensory processing disorder reported it was the first night in seven years she didn't have to hold her son to get him to sleep. She zipped him in and he went right to sleep. “I did this because I wanted a tidy room but for some parents, it's a life changer," continues Betsy. "Their children can make their own beds and witnessing the sense of pride in their accomplishment is priceless.” From these experiences, Beddy’s charitable campaign was founded. With every Beddy’s purchase, a donation is made to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Beddy’s was thriving through COVID and “life was great” until August 2020 when the family was involved in a small-engine plane crash. Betsy, her husband of 23 years, Gentry, twin sons, and friends, pilot Shad Feild and his wife Jazlyn, crash-landed near a campsite in the Utah mountains. Nearby strangers rushed to help and luckily one was an EMT that saved the lives of both men.

Gentry’s substantial injuries forced Betsy to take time off work. “I'm so grateful because I learned that I could do tough things. It changed everything for me.”  

In 2021, The Mikesell’s moved to Williamson County. Feeling they were “supposed to be here,” the move brought peace and healing. “The change has been good for our whole family,” reflects Betsy. And changes keep coming. Daughter Alyssa, (@alyssakatejohnson) owner of @indyclover_gilbert, recently married and moved to Arizona. Not long ago, Alyssa introduced her new clothing designs in collaboration with @loveoliveco and @kivaclothing.

Brock and Boston also have changes ahead as they are set to graduate high school next month. They continue vlogging on their YouTube channel which they started in 2016 (Brock and Boston) and are active on Instagram (@BrockandBostonOfficial). Last year they bought, renovated and sold a home. While their next steps have not yet been determined, Betsy and Gentry have faith that Brock and Boston’s future endeavors will be met with success.

Gentry is still recovering and making progress. He keeps busy managing The Mikesell Family YouTube channel (where you can see actual footage of the plane crash). Betsy is relishing her “new normal” life and is thankful their family bond is stronger than ever. While those hard times have truly brought the greatest moments, Betsy quips, “All I want now is to own a horse and to one day become a cowgirl.”

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The Details 

1. A Solution for Everyone

Perfect for individuals with differing abilities, the elderly, and everyone who wants to make their bed with ease. Great for beds against walls, bunk beds, dorm beds, travel trailers, RVs, campers, day beds and more. 

2. One Piece Construction

Goes on like a fitted sheet.  The built-in bottom sheet always stays in place.

3. Smooth Zippers

Easy pull zipper tabs along both sides meet in the middle at the bottom of the bed.

4. Top Completely Detaches

You can kick your legs out or stay nice and snug all zipped up.

5. Two Lining Choices

 Minky (the softest, cuddliest fabric) or 100% cotton.

"Through these hardships, my faith in strangers, friends, family and myself was strengthened and multiplied. I strive to be understanding at all times as you never know what hardships someone else is struggling with."  ~Betsy Mikesell

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