Overhaul Your Closet

With Melanie Todd

We sat down with the stylist, Melanie Todd, to find out more about her connection to fashion and styling and how she helps her clients create a balanced wardrobe that reflects who they are.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started as a stylist.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved to create visually. My mom was my first muse, and I believe from whom I got most of my creative genes. She’s an interior designer, and I remember as a kid, she would wear a blazer and skirt suit paired with a blouse; she always looked effortlessly classic. Since high school, I knew that I wanted to be in fashion. After graduating fashion school, I worked in retail, visual merchandising and corporate retail—all of which set the ground work for my own business acumen. It wasn’t until I interned for a celebrity stylist that I felt in my whole heart that styling was my calling. The whole nitty-gritty process intoxicated me. Pulling hundreds of looks, running all throughout New York, then spending countless hours to create the perfect red-carpet look was an adrenaline of creativity that I became addicted to.  

 What range of services do you provide? 

I offer a Closet Refresh, which includes going through a client’s whole wardrobe. I advise on how to outfit signature pieces using existing clothes in a client’s closet. It’s a great way to get new ideas—the more sustainable option, too! I also suggest pieces to part with and how to easily elevate clothes to create the perfect look.

Another option is my personal shopping expertise where I shop for clothes per the client’s specific occasion. I offer to bring shop-able items to a client or go shopping in-store with them. Both experiences are personally tailored, stress-free and, best of all, super-convenient to all busy schedules.

What can clients expect from having a personal stylist? 

As a personal stylist, my main focus is to help my clients build their own style. It may sound simple but having a solid wardrobe that is specifically tailored to a client’s everyday routine makes life a little less stressful. I thoroughly dissect closets and fuse in fun pieces to create the ultimate lifestyle wardrobe.  

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I’ve found my job to be very therapeutic, not only for my clients but myself included.  Seeing confidence blossom through my styling is truly empowering and makes all my styling efforts worthwhile.

To me, styling never feels like work no matter how many long hours I put in. I see styling as building authentic human connections and as a result creates something that is immeasurable. Whether it’s bringing out inner confidence in a client or collaborating on a creative idea, I envision my styling as its own personal masterpiece.  

Staple items that every closet should have to make a well-rounded wardrobe?

Denim jacket – It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, a denim jacket pulls any outfit together. Pair it with any style dress, skirt or short to create an effortless casual cool look. For a more fashion forward look, choose an oversized silhouette, roll up the sleeves and wear with some denim shorts—denim on denim is classically chic.

Open toe heel – A strappy open toe heel in either black or nude instantly adds a touch of sexy.  Choose a heel that is most comfortable for you. Stilettos are classic, wedges are comfortable, and chunky heels are trendy right now. Wear with any style dress or jean for a dressy casual look around the office or for ladies night out. 

Belt – A belt is an all-season accessory that accentuates the waist and elongate legs.  A classic black or brown belt with a statement buckle creates a more contemporary vibe, while a bold colored or patterned belt can add a touch of fun personal style. Accessorize a belt with the perfect denim shorts or layer over a flirty dress for the complete warm weather look. 

How can our readers reach you for styling assistance?

Check out my website or send me an email

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