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Overland Park Resident Creates Custom Boxes to Personalize Any Gift

Are you looking for the perfect gift idea for your staff or clients? Overland Park resident Greg Kahnk created the perfect solution. 

Tell us about how you came up with your gift box idea.

We all give and receive gifts from customers, suppliers, and employers. Invariably it comes in an impersonal bag or plain box. But as the packaging industry moves towards the "unboxing experience," it occurred to us that gift giving is a great opportunity to make it a more personal experience and enhance our relationship with the recipient. 

Explain the gift box concept and how it works.

You've got a group of clients or employees for whom you'd like to show appreciation. After you've decided upon a theme (golf, coffee, wine, sports, holiday, and so on), we'll design a gift box around the items you're wanting to give. We really enjoy working with Nick Peterson at Branding Stop in Lenexa, KS ( for our branded items. We'd love to sit down with Nick and a client to discuss that client's ideas and how to incorporate those ideas into their next gift giving event. 

What makes this an ideal gift? 

Unlimited customization and personalization opportunities. You determine how much you'd like to spend and what you want to put in the gift box. You determine what you want your gift box to look like, both structurally and graphically. 

As an example, anybody can give a nice bottle of wine or a Yeti tumbler to their top 100 customers. But we enable you to put that same bottle or tumbler in a customized gift box with your logo, your image, your message, even customized with your customers' names. We feel this helps to make the act of gift-giving a more memorable experience, both for the gift giver and for the recipient, and it strengthens the connections between people.  

How can readers find out more about your product? 

Check out our website at or contact me directly at

Greg resides in Overland Park with his wife and two children. As a former graduate of KU and college athlete, his commitment to Lawrence Paper Company has been long-standing. 

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