Savor this Summer with a Picnic

Fill Your Basket With Freshness from The Common Market

The summer season is in full swing and it's shining with opportunities to get outdoors and soak up some fun. Summer means warmer weather, longer days, outdoor activities and picnics. 

A picnic is a fantastic opportunity to disconnect, soak up some quality time and enjoy the outdoors with tasty food. Whether you're enjoying a date with your honey, planning some fun with friends or gathering with family, there are a variety of options for making memories. 

When planning a picnic, I like to keep things simple but also add in little touches. I love shopping at the Common Market because it's a "one-stop-shop" for so many things. I embrace the joy of the experience before I spread out the blanket and open the basket. The market has such a gorgeous display of local, fresh and seasonal food options. I make it my lifestyle to support local businesses, fair trade and our farmers. I enjoy reading which farms and local businesses are feeding our community and helping to create an experience. 

With summer comes an abundance of energy and activity. A natural vitality that glistens and glows from the inside out. Upon entering the market, I love feeling greeted with the colors of health. The produce section always has a gorgeous display of veggies, fresh herbs and local, sustainable products. Fresh peppers and cucumbers are a great addition to the tasty, organic hummus offered at the market. I love it on wraps as well. And what's a picnic without fruit? Some of my fruit favorites for a picnic are cantaloupe, watermelon, mangos and berries, and you can't top the flavor of local heirloom tomatoes in salads and on sandwiches. 

After grabbing my goodies from the produce section, it's over to the delicious meats, seafood and cheese department. There is something so fun about creating a charcuterie board of cheeses, spreads, fruit and crackers. Many of the above items are simple to transport and clean. 

Speaking of simple, I enjoy picking up locally sourced snacks like Route 11 Chips (the BBQ are my favorite) and treats like the cupcakes from Dodah's Kitchen. 

Don't forget to stay hydrated! One of my favorite local drinks (Gut healthy too) is Kombucha from Kombucha Lady. Her kombucha contains locally grown organic berries and herbs, and she gathers her water locally from the mountain. Ugli water is another highly recommended product that provides healthy hydration and gives back to the ocean. 

As you begin to build your menu and desired selection of goodies, pick up some sustainable cutlery, napkins, reusable bags and any other selected items for serving, displaying and transporting. Since you will be outdoors for the picnic, bug spray and sunscreen are a must, and if you love fresh flowers as I do, Common Market has a beautiful selection from local farms and nurseries.

After gathering all that you need, you're ready to head to your location of choice. I often choose Baker Park because of the ambiance, but you should not limit yourself if you feel more adventurous. Whether it's the mountains, a local park or a drive to the beach, get creative and see what sparks joy! Don't forget your camera, and have fun making those memories to last a lifetime. 

Kim Wilson is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Reiki Practitioner. Focusing on the mind, body, spirit and heart, Kim helps others take back their health and helps facilitate healing through simple nutrition and lifestyle changes (on and off the plate). Helping others get to the "root cause" of what's holding them back in the different areas of life, she's a huge advocate of the "food is medicine" philosophy and applies the same concept when helping others. Kim is passionate about supporting local businesses and farmers, aligning health, healing, community and connection.

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