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A Recipe by Amada Tapas

Paella is a saffron-infused rice dish, originating from Spain's Mediterranean coast.

Using a 10 inch-paella pan, we begin with a tomato base that includes onions, red peppers, and harissa (a hot chili pepper paste).

Next we add a saffron stock and bring this mixture to a boil before adding Calasparra rice.

Due to the nature of this highly absorbent rice, the temperature of the pan is key. The trick is essentially: ten minutes of high heat, ten minutes of low heat, and a quick blast of high heat at the end. This creates the perfect socarrat (meaning "to scorch")—a crispy golden rice layer that forms on the paella pan.

The dish is finished with your choice of shrimp and mussels or NY strip and chimichurri.

Amada Tapas offers paella every Thursday!