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Peace lilies are popular plants that thrive in locations with little light.

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Local Florist Offers Tips for Selecting and Caring For Houseplants

Since 1968, Brown’s Florist has been Hendersonville’s go to place for flowers and plants for all occasions. For over five decades, owner Claudine Brown has helped thousands of customers find the perfect arrangements for their special needs.

Along with cut flowers and artificial arrangements, Brown’s Florist also offers a wide selection of living plants that can spruce up any home or office. However, selecting the right plant for the right location can sometimes prove to be challenging. To help our readers choose appropriate plants for their situations, Hendersonville Lifestyle reached out to florist Christy Brown Hale, daughter of Claudine, to get a few tips and recommendations.

What are the most popular occasions for purchasing houseplants?

“Every year, our customers purchase houseplants for many different reasons. However, the two most popular occasions are sympathy (e.g. funerals) and housewarming welcomes.”


What are the most popular houseplants?

“Like any other purchase, selecting a houseplant depends upon customer personal preferences. At Brown’s Florist, our top five best-selling living plants are peace lilies, scheffleras, ficuses, violets and orchids.”

Which plants thrive in dimly lit rooms?

“Different plant species require varying amounts of light in order to flourish. For homes or offices that don’t receive a lot of direct light, we recommend peace lilies and different varieties of succulents, such as aloe vera plants.”

Which plants work best with different watering levels?

“As everyone knows, water is critical to the health of any living plant. However, the water levels required for plant health varies significantly from species to species. Peace lilies typically require the most water, due to their tendency to get root bound in dry soil. On the other hand, succulents, orchids and philodendra thrive on much less water.

What is the best way for plant owners to identify and learn how to care for new houseplants?

“Of course, we always recommend talking with a florist or horticulturist to learn about proper plant care. However, there is an amazing app for smartphones called PictureThis that lets users identify their plants just by taking photos of them. Once they have been identified, owners receive tips on caring for their specific plants, as well as general gardening advice. The app is available for both iPhones and Android phones at”

What are your top recommendations for owners of all kinds of houseplants?

“First, learn your plant. Research its growth cycle and understand the things that it needs to live and grow. Second, water your plant properly. Too little or too much water can be deadly for some species, so be sure to know how much your plant requires. Third, pay attention to pot size. Pots that are too small can cause some plants to get root bound, which can stunt their growth and, in some cases, kill them. Some plants require periodic replanting into larger pots in order to keep them healthy. Finally, pay attention to your plants – they are not things that you can simply set up and forget about. Like any living things, they need a little periodic tender loving care.”

Brown’s Florist

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  • Peace lilies are popular plants that thrive in locations with little light.
  • Houseplants are popular gifts for special occasions such as housewarmings.
  • Christy Brown Hale takes care of a new plant.
  • Christy Brown Hale prunes a plant.
  • Violets are among the most popular houseplants.
  • Christy Brown Hale applies a ribbon to a plant before sending it to a customer.
  • Colorful ribbons adorn plants given as gifts.
  • Christy Brown Hale displays a colorful flowering plant that is a customer favorite.