Placing animals in loving homes

Formed in late 2020, Oklahoma Pet Collective Society, a/k/a The Fur BnB, is a no-kill facility. They are all about saving the lives of unwanted, abandoned, abused and neglected animals in Oklahoma. In addition to rescue, OPCS vaccinates, spays, neuters and places animals in loving homes, locally and out of state.

Angel Woodstock, who handles day-to-day operations, and Chris and Denise Mink, owners of Med Pharm, met through animal rescue, which they all have supported their entire lives. Denise shared, “Opening a no-kill facility of this size is a very expensive endeavor.” They direct profits from their business to support OPCS. “Thankfully we have started getting some much needed donations and volunteers.”

Woodstock stated, “The reality is, there are areas of Tulsa where a stray dog is on almost every corner.” OPCS works with other shelters in the area and across Oklahoma to rescue animals and reduce pet overpopulation. In addition to placing animals with local families that match the needs of the animal and the family, OPCS sends animals out of state. “Animals in Oklahoma are property. In other states, animals are considered living beings, and the laws protecting them are more vigorously enforced. We encourage Oklahomans to contact local and state elected officials and bring this to their attention.”

The OPCS website OKPetCollective.org has a comprehensive but easy-to-navigate application for pet adoption. There are also applications to foster animals, volunteer to help out at the facility and forms for pet owners to surrender animals, plus a stray surrender form.

“Thanks to a generous donation of dog food, we’re in good shape there,” Woodstock said. “Other needed items are treats, collars, leashes, blankets, towels, and cleaning supplies. We don’t accept toys like stuffed animals but sturdy chew toys which can be washed are welcomed.”

Chris and Denise Mink continue to support animal rescue through other responsible organizations like OPCS because it takes a village. Denise said, “Our volunteers, donors and supporters help us get the word out. A good example is Rick and Sherri Hayes with R-K Building Services who saw the story by William Blanchette with News On 6 about our goal to install central A/C at The Fur BnB. They jumped into action to get us two, 5 ton A/C units at cost, then reached out to Jackson Supply, A-1 Sheet Metal, Adair Electric, Green Acres Sod Farms, and Cornerstone Properties to donate material. Rick generously donated his time and services to get them installed and running giving us AC within one day of purchasing the units. Our volunteers and pups couldn’t be happier”

Denise added, “When you shop at Med Pharm it goes to help those that need it most. We are thrilled to see our transport van being used by other groups as well. It's truly a bucket list wish that has come true. Hopefully, with the support of our community, the sky's the limit.”

For more information visit OKPetCollective.org and MedPharmOK.com.

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