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Passion of Photography

Macro Photographer, Alex Bunch, finds beauty, love, and peace in uncertain times.

Alex Bunch is an artist that has lived right here in The Woodlands for 6 years, and in Texas for over 30. Originally from San Diego, California, he has lived and worked all over the world as a Creative Art Director and Artist. If you ask him what medium he works in, “life” is going to be the answer. “I don’t believe any artist likes to do just one thing. I can say I started out making mud sculptures in my backyard and finger painting as a child, and that is what I loved back then. Now it is macro photography, unveiling the most beautiful hidden details in nature, and working on my fine art hand-cut glass and mirror mosaic pieces."

Photography of nature and beauty has always been a passion, but the uncertainties of 2020 forced him to take a closer look at the beauty right under his nose. “I had just moved into the East Shore neighborhood as Spring arrived and was mesmerized by the smell of Jasmine and the perfectly tailored gardens. There was so much uncertainty in the world, yet so much beauty vying for our attention. I did a lot of crawling around in the dirt, my neighbor’s yards (sorry!), and along the shore of Lake Woodlands looking for the magic in nature, for peace.  The desire was to share these captured moments with the rest of the world when we need it most, to remind us all that beauty and love remain no matter what."

Alex is currently working on a new glass mosaic piece that he plans to unveil this spring, just in time to catch the new Spring blooms in the beautiful Garden District where he lives.

  • Beautifully Textured Butterfly
  • Beauty in the Sky
  • Riding the Wave
  • Beautiful Giraffe
  • Blue Beauty
  • Bee
  • Mollys Lizard
  • Magic Water Drops
  • Yellow Rose
  • Zebra 2