Patriot Softwash:

Good Stewards Of Customers, Veterans, Community

Faith, family and community are the top three elements of life about which Jim Steinmart is extremely passionate. As owner of Patriot Softwash, he also cares deeply about customers' satisfaction and happiness regarding cleaning houses, roofs, fences, concrete, brick, screen enclosures, outside windows, awnings, gutters, patios, decks, driveways, fiberglass structures and solar panels.

When Jim decided to leave Corporate America, he didn't just want any kind of business. He wanted to build a service company, and more importantly, as a former military officer, he was adamant about making sure his company would be comprised of at least 60% veteran employees. Now Patriot Softwash is an active veteran-owned and operated service company located in Frisco that today has 100% veteran employees -- two of which are disabled veterans and one is an active reservist.

Patriot Softwash takes very serious the education and insurance their employees must obtain. "When hiring Patriot Softwash to do a job for either your business or home, all the employees have been background-checked, insured, trained and certified," assures Jim, who even made the motto of his company "Faith, Family, Unique Service and High Integrity." 

Softwash cleaning is much different and much safer for homed and businesses than the power washing technique. High pressure washes use 3,500 to 4,000 PSI (pressure per square inch). The Softwash approach only uses 80 PSI.

Pratriot Softwash has developed products that are eco-friendly. As Jim explains, "Soft washing is the use of water-based, biodegradable chemicals to break down dirt and grime, get rid of bug nests and webs, kill mold, mildew, algae and bacteria – leaving the surface clean and sterilized." 

"Soft washing consumes only one-third of the water that pressure or power washing does, lasts longer than pressure washing, and does not wear down or damage the surface like power washing frequently can. Soft washing also does far more than pressure washing because it does more than simply clean your roof. The products used in the SoftWash System don't just tidy; they penetrate, sterilize, and eliminate the root of the problem," he adds.

Jim says treating roofs with soft washing is more like bug control. "The mix of safe, eco-friendly chemicals make sure that the bacteria that cause buildup are not just partially swept away, but eradicated completely." 

Customers indicate Patriot Softwash is a company with a passion for servant leadership, community involvement and veteran friendliness. The company has active members of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce. Jim is a founding chairman of the Frisco Veterans Advisory Committee and a graduate of Leadership Frisco.

Jim's also determined to make sure Frisco is a Purple Heart City, Blue and Gold Star community and Frisco Veteran Ready, as he partners alongside Mayor Jeff Cheney through the FVAC initiative. 

Jim ascribes to the concept from Simon Sinek:  "If you want to grow your business you have to work on it not in it."

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