PCH Nurse LaDon Dieu

LaDon Dieu is an inpatient nurse with Phoenix Children's Hospital and has worked for the Hospital  for over a decade. She describes her life’s passion as helping children and families develop their strengths as they overcome difficult times. And the current health situation in the country and worldwide, is no exception.

"I once heard the saying, 'If you treat someone you meet as if he/she is having the most difficult day in their life, more than 50% of the time you’d be right.' I take that quote from the past to heart and use it in my everyday nursing care and interactions with families, patients and co-workers.  As a wellness nurse, I work with families and patients to help them develop their strengths and increase resiliency. By working together, setting goals with them and providing tools, they are developing the necessary skills to help them face difficult situations."

Currently, Dieu is an inpatient nurse specializing in neurology, liver transplant and kidney transplant. She currently works in the outpatient setting as one of the lead developers for the Center for Resiliency and Wellbeing (CRW), also known as the ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Program which focuses on working with children in general pediatrics, Homeless Youth Outreach and All About Kids Pediatrics.

Going above and beyond for Dieu means daily small acts and interactions with families that can make a big difference and impact in their lives. 

"When I worked in the inpatient setting, I would develop simple goals with families that they could control. In an uncontrolled environment, I worked closely with these patients and their families to ensure they met their goals while keeping in constant communication. Many times, at the end of my shift, it would make me so happy to see the smiles of accomplishment from the simplest of tasks and I'd revel in just spending time with them, providing hope and light on their really dark days."

Dieu is currently assisting families by teaching integrative techniques to help them learn skills to reduce stress, problem solve and connect to resources. With the arrival of COVID-19, there is a prevalence of dark moments ahead. Dieu says she works tirelessly with families to ensure they have the resources they need, reinforce a skill to build their strengths and continue to set small goals so they can find reasons to smile and have hope.

"It brings me so much joy to see a patient using these integrative techniques to help reduce their stress level. I’m also encouraged when the people I work with come up with solutions and ideas for their own families to set goals and work together. The importance of connecting with the community to help them find the resources they need is very rewarding to me. I am so grateful to be a nurse at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. It is a place filled with amazing people who, despite this trying time, continue to give non-stop excellent care to our families."

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