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Make time to visit your pediatrician and get caught up on your children's health needs


  • Childhood immunizations.

  • Adolescent health concerns.

  • Hearing and vision screenings.

  • Monitor growth & vital signs.

  • Check labs (ie: anemia.)

​If you've put off doctor visits with your children during the COVID-19 pandemic, now is a good time to visit your pediatrician and get caught up. Children and teens need regular checkups with their doctor to make sure their development is on track, to talk about nutrition and behavior, and to get the vaccines they need to stay healthy.

It's safe, necessary, and your pediatrician wants to see your child. Pediatricians have seen a huge drop in patient visits because of the pandemic. This means that many children are missing vaccinations, physical exams, screenings, and other needed care.

Now that influenza and COVID-19 viruses are circulating, it's very important that you stay connected to your pediatrician and your medical home.

Don't forget about these other reasons why your child should visit the pediatrician's office:

  • To stay up-to-date on all recommended childhood immunizations.

  • Newborn visits after a having a baby.

  • Adolescent health concerns, such as menstrual care and depression screening.

  • For routine lead testing.

  • For hearing and vision screenings.

  • To monitor growth, blood pressure, and other vital signs.

  • To check labs such as for anemia.

  • For preparticipation physical examinations before returning to sports or other activities.

  • To check on developmental milestones.

  • To treat infections or injuries.​​

With both influenza and COVID-19 spreading this winter, it’s sometimes it's hard to tell how sick your child is. Both viruses have similar symptoms.

To make visits safe, some offices have separated “sick" and “well" areas of their clinic or are having newborns come in early in the day before other patients. Phone ahead, so your pediatrician can advise you on the best way to come in.​​

Dr. Katie Copeland, a family medicine provider at Saltzer Health, recently shared some helpful advice for parents.

When asked how parents help their middle school and high schoolers stay safe during the pandemic, she said, “Talk about their role in the community and their family and their importance in the spread of this disease,” Dr. Copeland said.

“With a pandemic and infectious virus such as this, we are only as strong as our weakest link. The average person can spread the disease to five people. The longer people disregard the recommendations, the longer this will not be in good control and it will cause the stay-at-home order to be extended.”

​Video visits 

For other kinds of appointments, pediatricians may offer video visits. Call your pediatrician's office to find out if this is available and appropriate for the needs of your child or teen. “If you have teens with excessive anxiety who aren’t sleeping, are super irritable, have changes in appetite – that might be something that could be a problem and might be something you talk to your doctor about,” Dr. Copeland added. “Telehealth could be a great safe way to get more information and recommendations.”


If you feel you need to call 911, trust your instincts and call. Otherwise, it's generally a good idea to check in with your pediatrician first. Sometimes they can help over the phone or will help coordinate other kinds of care for your child without going to the hospital.

Most of all, do not avoid seeing your pediatrician or going to the ​clinic or hospital because of COVID-19. See the article, When to Call Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for more information about what to do in an emergency.

For additional guidance for parents, pediatricians recommends the Centers for Diseases Control & Prevention (CDC.gov) and the American Academy of Pediatrics Healthy Children website at HealthyChildren.org

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