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People-First Dentistry

Dr. Mark Davis on his family, career, and Perfect Smile Tulsa's longstanding reputation for excellent care

If you’ve been around Tulsa for a while, you might remember a tall building in Utica Square that used to be where P. F. Chang’s and Fleming’s are now. It was an eight-story high medical building, and it’s where many of Dr. Mark Davis’s patients started seeing him 40 years ago. 

Davis, now general and cosmetic dentist at Perfect Smile Tulsa on Lewis, says that level of patient loyalty says a lot about any business. It’s a testament to his commitment to service. “We make it a point to get to know you and your family and treat you with the best compassionate care,” Davis says. 

From patients, to staff, to family, Davis is clearly people-oriented. His advice to Tulsans looking for success with small businesses only confirms it. “Stick to your core values and treat people fairly and honestly,” he says. “Invest in yourself and your staff. Read, research, and read some more.” 

With Perfect Smile Tulsa, Davis makes a serious commitment to putting patient care above all else. “We never make patient treatment decisions based on how it will profit us, but rather how it will profit the patient. I have a crucifix in every treatment room to remind me of that philosophy of putting others first,” he says. 

Perfect Smile Tulsa is truly a family business. All three of Davis’s children worked in the practice growing up, and he still works with his wife and daughter, MaryCaroline Davis. 

“Working with my dad is amazing,” MaryCaroline says. “I’ve learned so much from him as a clinician, a leader, a business owner, and a parent.” 

Davis admits that finding balance can be difficult, especially with a family so invested in the business. “I spend a lot of time on my business and myself with training and continuing education so that I can provide the best dental care in Tulsa,” he says. But he still finds time for an active lifestyle, cycling with MaryCaroline and taking family vacations as often as possible. 

Both father and daughter credit much of Perfect Smile Tulsa’s excellent reputation to their highly trained and genuinely caring staff. “We know going to the dental office can be unpleasant for so many people, so we try to make our office as warm and inviting as possible, even baking fresh cookies daily so our patients will be greeted by the scent of warm chocolate chip cookies as they walk in,” MaryCaroline says. 

Davis says helping people look and feel their best is what he enjoys most about his job. “I became a dentist out of a desire to help people live happier, healthier, longer lives, and I fully believe that good dentistry and oral hygiene do just that.” 

  • Photo credit: Two Planet Productions

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