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Perfect 7 Pools Will Bring Your Vision To Life

Article by Jennifer Bennhoff

Photography by James Williams Photography

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

Back in the days before Franklin welcomed a boom of newcomers, backyard swimming pools weren’t as common as they are today. “The general consumer thought of swimming pools as something you’d want in a tropical or a desert climate,” says Jason Shapiro, owner of Perfect7 Pools. “Middle Tennessee has cold winters, so many quality pool builders didn’t consider coming to Franklin to build swimming pools. Homeowners had to rely on neighborhood pools that are only open during the summer. Even the rich and famous residents had pools that lacked quality construction and technological advancements that provide a trouble-free, pleasurable

Now people are moving from southern California or Florida - where pools are expected and there are several quality builders for homeowners to choose from – or they’re coming from northern climates with long, freezing winters and Tennessee seems “tropical” by comparison. This has created a huge consumer demand for private, backyard oases.

Jason was born in Kansas City and grew up in Arizona, where he and his wife Jayme met as teenagers in their youth group. They celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary last year and have raised four beautiful children together. Jason started his career in sales, where he learned to manage customer expectations, deliver on his promises and walk his clients through the frustrating aspects of construction projects. He started Perfect 7 Pools, named for his family of six plus their “perfect” golden retriever, in 2012.

In Arizona, Jason began developing the foundation and knowledge of how pools should be built. “Our pools are easy to own because our building philosophy eliminates the most common problems and we include technologies that simplify the owner’s experience. We also have a highly advanced in-floor cleaning and circulation system that removes debris automatically and keeps the water crystal clear. The older pools in our area weren’t built properly,” he explains, “and they have a lot of problems. This caused consumers to think pools are a hassle to maintain, but that’s simply not true if the pool is built the right way. Our pools require less than 15 minutes per week to maintain, which we can do for you.”

As a custom builder, Jason warns that low-price builders will cost consumers more in the long run, as improper filtration and undersized pipes cause a myriad of issues and lead to higher maintenance costs. “A properly built pool should be clear and inviting for your family to swim at any time, without effort. The first sign that a builder has cut corners is water that is consistently dirty or turning green. Unfortunately, there’s something wrong with the way the pool was built and at this point it’s too late to fix it,
so homeowners need to choose a trusted, quality builder.”

Perfect 7 Pools builds custom, luxury pools that often include five-star amenities such as fire and water features, all-natural travertine paver hardscape that stays cool in the hot summer, built-in outdoor kitchens, shallow-water tanning ledges, waterfalls and more – almost anything imaginable. He estimates that about eighty-five percent of customers include a hot tub with their pool, furthering the year-round use of the space.

“The best designs are in balance with the size and style of the house,” Jason says. “I want to see the homeowner’s vision and make it a reality. I don’t sell people products, I educate people about the benefits and drawbacks of the various options and let them choose what is best for their family, then I build their vision.”

Straight-line designs are more popular now, with darker interior finishes and black & white contrasts, matching the painted-brick exteriors seen on new homes today. However, lagoon-style, freeform pools are another option consumers love, with curved shapes and natural rock accents adding texture and interest. If you’re dreaming of lounging in your own clear-blue swimming pool, splashing with your family or cooling off during a hot summer day, whatever the perfect swimming pool looks like to you, Jason and Perfect 7 Pools will bring your vision to life.

"Consumers think pools are a hassle to maintain, but that’s simply not true if the pool is built the right way."

  • Jayme and Jason Shapiro