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Jon Pardi, Jordan Winery and Vineyard Benefit Boys and Girls Club Of Middle Tennessee

The name Jon Pardi brings several things to mind -- an award-winning country music singer, songwriter, producer. But his last name, voiced aloud, evokes one feeling in particular. A good time. 

This June, thanks to two men who “met” on social media, the Jordan Winery and Vineyard is bringing Sonoma County to Nashville on June 15 in the form of the Jordan Big Bottle Pardi. All proceeds will benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Middle Tennessee (BGCMT).

John Jordan, chief executive officer of Jordan Winery and Vineyard, and founder of the John Jordan Foundation, says he came into Jon Pardi’s orbit purely by coincidence, all because of an Instagram post made while dining at a well-known local steakhouse. 

“We ordered a bottle of Jordan,” says Jon, “and they’re big on social media. So we tagged them, not knowing anything [about them], and then we got hooked up with management and started working together. They sent me a birthday cake, and me and Summer bought all the wine for our wedding from them. It just turned into this whole partnership.” 

While they met by circumstance, they didn’t leave the opportunity to collaborate further in the social media sphere. This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of Jordan Winery and Vineyard, but it also marks the tenth anniversary of the John Jordan Foundation, which has been raising money in the states and globally for years. 

“We’re looking forward to ‘going big’ with social impact this summer in Nashville,” says John. “It is a privilege to partner with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee with its impressive track record of serving the Nashville community.” 

“What makes the event extra special is that nonprofit partnership and bringing the foundation out into the Nashville market,” says Emma Mrkonic, communications manager at Jordan Winery and Vineyard. “When we were looking at different cities for our fiftieth anniversary, we focused on Denver because that’s where the Jordans are originally from. Then, we looked to other cities where we have connections. Jon Pardi is why we were interested in Nashville. He was all for partnering with us to co-host the Jordan Big Bottle Pardi, and Nashville is the last stop and the cherry on top.” 

The Thompson Hotel is hosting the rooftop soiree. In addition to exceptional food, wine and music, the evening will feature celebrity guests, including The Big Bottle Squad: Jon Pardi, Jordan Davis, Cam Jordan and Kevin Byard. They will carry in the most significant and rarest wine bottles of the night. 

“We’ll have different pairing stations with different chefs there, and then big bottles of Jordan, from 3L, 6L, and up to 18L,” says Emma. “The size of a small human!”  

Jordan Vineyard & Winery and John Jordan Foundation have chosen to partner with Boys and Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee to celebrate their anniversaries to raise funds for the clubs. 

“These once-in-a-lifetime events celebrate the best of Jordan and Nashville, marrying a love for wine, food, music, sports and entertainment, and, most importantly, community impact,” says Jennifer Wheeler Buhrman of BGCMT. “Funds raised will support BGCMT’s efforts to double youth served, ensuring young people in our community have equal access to opportunities and experiences such as literacy and STEM programming, coding and tech, leadership and workforce development, as well as positive adult role models and healthy snacks.”

The event also will feature an auction, and in addition to other lots, the Jordan Winery and Vineyard is offering an exclusive Jordan Wine Country Getaway for six:  a two-night stay in the Jordan Chateau suites, a private estate tour and tasting, followed by a complimentary dinner at Hazel Hill at the Montage, as well as a rare library magnum—2009 6-Liter Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon, etched and signed by Maggie Kruse and John Jordan.

The Jordan Winery & Pardi Batch Spirits are also offering two backstage passes to see Jon Pardi live in concert on Oct. 1 at the Ascend Amphitheater in Nashville. Included are two backstage passes, one bottle of Pardi Batch Whiskey signed by Jon Pardi, and a 2005 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon “Super Blend” 50th anniversary etched edition signed by John Jordan.  

This leads to the bourbon, when the evening will shift to the unveiling of the Pardi Batch Whiskey, a limited-edition collaboration between Pardi Batch Spirits and Jordan Winery, created exclusively for the city of Nashville.

“I was talking to my bourbon guys,” says Jon, “and they said they make bourbon out of wine barrels. I was like; we’re cool with Jordan; I bet he would love to partner up. That’s when just being kind of light partners turned into something where it became this venture. It’s cool when two things come together, and it’s all for a great cause, the Boys and Girls Club. You just never know where promoting something -- I was just doing it for fun, like, hey, this is good wine, started chatting around with John Jordan - will turn into a partnership.”

What’s next for Jon Pardi? 

“I’m currently working on my fourth record, out in September,” he says. “It’s due June 15th, and I’m going to Key West to record.”

His “Ain’t Always the Cowboy” tour is set to kick off in Irving, Texas, on July 14 and run through Oct. 1, where he’ll close it down at the Ascend Amphitheater in Nashville.