Perfect Wines for Thanksgiving...and Beyond

Planning your holiday menus should always include options for the best wine for Thanksgiving. It’s as crucial as the food you create. After all, Thanksgiving is an occasion to share your gratitude for those who are most important to you. So when you raise your glasses to toast the spirit of togetherness, make sure you have the best wine for Thanksgiving on hand to fill them!

With so many different dishes on the table, how do you choose the best wine for Thanksgiving dinner? Do you choose a varietal that pairs better with meat entrées or vegetable dishes? And of course, there are desserts to consider.

It doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether you’re bringing a gift bottle to friends or family, or a host hoping to please a crowd of your own, there’s bound to be a clear winner that suits the occasion.  

When choosing the best wine for Thanksgiving dinner, it’s important to consider the menu. An exciting label may sell you on a bottle once you’re in the store, but a vegan meal will have different considerations than a traditional turkey feast when it comes to bouquet and body. And dinner wines can vary from dessert wines; it’s best to have different types of wine ready for pouring.

If you’re looking for a bit of guidance on flavors and varietals, you can learn how to taste wine with live virtual wine tastings ahead of your shopping to get a better sense of your options. If you’re eager to track down the perfect bottle now, the list below will give you a great start on choosing the best wine for Thanksgiving. 

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