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What Is A Posterior Chain?

Posterior refers to the back, for anatomy purposes the posterior chain is all the muscle from the back of the head to your heels. This includes your hamstrings, lats, erector spinae, calves, and glutes. These muscle can be some of the most important and powerful in the body, and play a big part in everyday activity. Most important with a strong posterior chain, we reduce the chance of injury and protect the lower back and knees.

Here are my top 5 reasons, strengthen your posterior chain:

  1. Reduce Injury

  2. Increase mobility

  3. Lift heavier

  4. Improve Posture

  5. Jump higher/Run Faster

Some of the best exercises for your posterior chain are belt squats, lunges, pullups, pulldowns, hyper ext, and lunges. Anterior muscles are important such as your biceps, chest, quad, and abs. People tend to work these muscles more, because they are more visible. Don’t forget about you backside!