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Russ Hollander

Russ Hollander, 64

International award-winning designer Master Goldsmith, Gallery Owner & Studio Artist

What does style mean to you and how would you define yours? 

As a jewelry designer/goldsmith for 47 years style is important, especially when it comes to the details and accessories we wear. I embrace originality and often tell my clients, “Not to worry, you don’t have to look good in Grandma’s jewelry”. Your style should be unmistakably your own! I define my look as “quiet confidence”; in my skills, my accomplishments, and my sense of place underscored by a soft-spoken appearance of natural fibers, earth tones, and of course handmade gold. 

Since this is the season we celebrate love, tell me what you love most about your city!

I love the dynamic nature of our City. Stamford is constantly evolving; ever reinventing itself to become the cultural and economic engine of our state. A name place recognized wherever travel takes us. I have been fortunate to visit dozens of towns and harbors across five continents. I can proudly say Stamford stands among the greatest cities of its size anywhere! As the owner of Stamford’s oldest and largest fine handmade jewelry gallery and studio workshop, I am so grateful for the warm embrace of my beloved home. I am thrilled to have been selected to serve as Commissioner of the Stamford Harbor Management Commission, the Stamford Downtown Special Services District, DSSD Retail Advancement Committee, Rappelling Santa, and now thrilled to lend a hand with the restoration of our iconic Stamford Harbor Lighthouse


What Do you LOVE most about the CycleBar Stamford community?

Emma Fichtner (Left) "Everyone at CycleBar has a shared goal in one way or another and you can feel the support from everyone in the room whether it is someone's first ride or 500th. When I started my journey of becoming an instructor I was greeted with nothing but positivity from the community. Everyone was so excited to have a new face on the podium and has been so open to me guiding them through classes. Even if I am having a bad day I walk out of that building with a smile on my face every single time."

Vanessa DePaola (Middle)  "I love the camaraderie, support and dedication amongst the members, instructors and staff. CycleBar Stamford is truly a home away from home. You walk through the doors and witness smiles, laughter, good conversation and true friendship."

Jenny Sukkonik (Right) "I love that CycleBar is a safe space for people to disconnect and unwind from the stress of everyday life. I love that CycleBar feels like a community that 

everyone can be a part of. I love that CycleBar supports all types of riders and levels of experience."

Emma, Vanessa & Jenny are three of the instructors at CycleBar Stamford, the area's premier indoor cycling studio.

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